The Squiggle

the squiggleThis is the kind of art I’ve never understood.

What am I supposed to feel when I look at it? Is confusing what the artist was going for?

What is it about a squiggle that makes it artistic? Would it be less artistic if it had fewer loops?

Do the colours mean something?

Is there meaning in the ways the lines intersect?

Assuming it was actually possible, what would we find lurking behind this design if we peeled back one, tiny corner of it? (I’m picturing something grey-skinned, warm-blooded, and mostly friendly….)

The art appreciation class I took in college didn’t cover this. We spent nearly all of our time on classic, famous paintings. I understand the basics of them and would feel comfortable discussing them in a group even though I don’t remember all of the technical terms I once learned to describe that movement.

When I look at something like this, though, I’m completely lost.

None of my questions are snarky in the least. Maybe there is a meaning in this style of art that I’ve never been able to uncover. I’d love to know what that meaning is.

Can anyone help?

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  1. Fred Schoch

    This reminds me of a painting done by one of my favorite artists, Jim Schoch. I have a photo of it somewhere. i don’t think you need to understand a piece of art, I think you just “feel” something when you look at it. I would be interested to hear your dads take on this post.

  2. tenebrisinfinite

    Looks like a psychedelic mantis, to me. Makes me feel like getting out the bug spray.

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