Tell Me What to Read Next!

I can’t believe I’ve gotten to this point after years of having far more books to read than the time with which to read them, but my list of pending titles is dwindling down to almost nothing.

Longterm readers already know this, but these are the genres I love:

  • History.
  • Poetry.
  • Sci-fi and Fantasy.
  • Folklore from any culture.
  •  Horror, especially the psychological/non-gory kind.
  • Biographies.
  • Psychology.
  • Sociology.
  • Young Adult.
  • Science (any branch of it).

I sometimes enjoy:

  • Romance.
  • Mysteries.
  • Animal fiction, as long as the animal doesn’t die at the end 😉 .
  • Plays.
  • Math.

I’m not interested in:

  • Religion.
  • Alternative medicine.
  • War stories.
  • Sports.
  • Politics.
  • Extremely violent or disturbing content.

Can anyone recommend a good book or three to me?

If you tell me what genres you do (and don’t) enjoy, I’ll return the favour! I love giving and receiving recommendations. It’s such a fun way to find new authors to read.

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  1. Michael Mock

    I know I always recommend Martha Wells, but I’d still recommend Martha Wells. Start with The Cloud Roads. That would fall into your Fantasy/Science Fiction category.

    For an amusing glimpse of history, check out Roger Hall’s You’re Stepping On My Cloak And Dagger.

  2. Fred Schoch

    I have a suggestion that is one of my absolutely favorite fantasy trilogies. Check out this author

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