Top Ten Tuesday: Most Anticipated Books Releasing in the Second Half of 2022

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Tea and book sitting on a white, clean bedsheet on a bed as sunlight streams in from a nearby window. “Lordy, I don’t know!” was my first response to this week’s prompt.

It’s hard to imagine autumn and winter when summer has not yet reached its full strength here.

This makes me very glad that Jana does not grade our responses or expect everyone to give ten answers every single week.

Those of you who always have ten perfect answers to these sorts of seasonal prompts have my admiration.

I wish I could plan ahead that far.

I do hope to read all of these books once they’re available at the library, but some of their release dates feel so far away.

Let’s toss some answers out and see what sticks if or when we’re asked to comb through old lists of anticipated reads again.

Fairy Tale by Stephen King Book cover. Image on cover shows a spiral staircase in a stone pathway. The staircase is illuminated with red and yellow light and looks like an eye.

Fairy Tale by Stephen King

Publication Date: September 6
Why I’m Interested: I used to read all of Stephen King’s stuff and wonder if I should give it a try again.
Lavender House by Lev A.C. Rosen Book cover. Image on cover shows the lavender silhoutte of a person’s head superimposed on a flowery piece of wallpaper.

Lavender House by Lev A.C. Rosen

Publication Date: October 18
Why I’m Interested: As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I’m quite interested in reading about people like me survived during eras when we couldn’t be open about our true selves.
The Rabbit’s Gift by Jessica Vitalis book cover. Image on cover shows a drawing of a brown rabbit that’s as big as a house. A regular-sized woman is standing next to it in a forest and holding a bouquet of flowers as she looks up and gazes upon it.
The Rabbit’s Gift by Jessica Vitalis
Publication Date: October 25
Why I’m Interested: I love rabbits and the fantasy genre. The thought of magical rabbits bringing babies to families is such a delightful idea that I can’t wait to find out more. Thank you to Sammie at The Bookwyrm’s Den for blogging about this book a few months ago.
We All Want Impossible Things  by Catherine Newman Book cover. Image on cover is a drawing of a daisy that’s been stuck into a metal soda bottle. There is also a straw in the bottle.
Publication Date: November 8
Why I’m Interested: I haven’t read any Women’s Fiction in ages. This sounds like a marvellous homage to friendship.
Butts: A Backstory by Heather Radke Book cover. Image on cover is a cartoon drawing of the backside of a peach.
Butts: A Backstory by Heather Radke
Publication Date: November 22
Why I’m Interested: It’s honestly kind of a silly premise for a nonfiction book, but that makes me like it even more. Why not celebrate silly things?


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100 Responses to Top Ten Tuesday: Most Anticipated Books Releasing in the Second Half of 2022

  1. We All Want Impossible Things sounds promising. And who could resist the last title?!

    I took off on my own this week and shared a list of the best three titles to take along on a trip to Paris.

  2. I had to do a fair amount of research to come up with my list. The Stephen King one looks good. I have only read one of his books…

    Have a great week!

    Emily @ Budget Tales Book Blog
    My post:

  3. Oh gosh, I’m really glad these aren’t graded, too. xD I can’t even imagine. Though, those people who you admire for having “ten perfect answers” probably pulled out their hair whittling their response down from about 25 – 30 perfect answers, which is an entirely different struggle altogether. xD

    You’re welcome for blogging about The Rabbit’s Gift. I hope you enjoy it. 😉 I definitely need to read Butts: A Backstory. Like you said, a bit of a silly premise, but don’t we all need that from time to time?

  4. It’s been so long since I’ve read anything by Stephen King. I’m rarely aware of his new releases anymore and didn’t know about this one.

  5. The only book I’d heard of on this list is King’s book but I love the cover for Butts 🙈 Sounds really fun! I hope you enjoy all these books, Lydia.

  6. Lavender House looks and sounds so good!! Definitely going to add this to my list!

  7. I think I spend more time looking at the books coming out in the future than I do reading, so these lists are always easy to fill.

  8. I can’t decide on Fairy Tale. Im a huge scaredy cat and just the name Stephen King scares me away. I need to see some reviews first but the premise is intriguing.

  9. The cover and title of Butts made me laugh…we all need humor and silly books in our lives…it helps create a balance. I hope you enjoy all of these when you get a chance to read them.

  10. i’ve seen Lavender House around a bit, definitely sounds interesting!

  11. Anita@eriesbooklover

    I now have to read Butt A backstory !

  12. That butt book is going on my TBR for sure. I want to know how the author decided to write about butts. It sounds like a joke, but it’s probably a super-interesting topic. 🙂

  13. Butts? That’s hilarious. I bet it will be interesting.

  14. I only know about as many upcoming releases as I do because I read Locus Magazine and find out about them there.

    This looks like a fun list! I’m not a reader of Stephen King’s works, but Mr. Wyrm is, so I might have to put that book on a gift list to buy for him later.

    My post:

  15. Oh wow! These all sound amazing. I hope you love them all!💜

  16. Oh my gosh right? Thank goodness we don’t get graded for these. 🙂

    The Rabbit’s Gift looks wonderful.

  17. Fairytale is also one I’m looking forward to. Already have it preordered.

  18. I hope you enjoy these books. 🙂

  19. For somebody who was worried, you did just fine! Happy Reading!

  20. Haha, I’m already loving Butts: A Backstory just from the cover. Hope you’ll love all of these!

  21. The Rabbit’s Gift sounds charming! I’m afraid Stephen King is a no-go for me, though. His books make me too anxious.

  22. Lavender House has a stunning cover! I’ve never heard of it before, but now I’m really interested in reading it too!

  23. Ha! I totally agree about being grateful Jana doesn’t grade our responses or expect us to have a full 10 books on each list. I hope you enjoy each of these books. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  24. I adored Lev A.C. Rosen’s last book, so Lavender House is definitely going on my list!

  25. Ooh, Lavender House should have been on my list! I’ve loved everything I’ve read by the author, and the synopsis sounds so interesting!

  26. I tend to struggle with these lists as well. I could broaden my list and make it any ten books I would like to read. But I want to make it difficult for myself and focus solely on authors with Canadian connections.

    Pam @ Read! Bake! Create!

  27. ‘Why not celebrate silly things’ is a pretty great philosophy! I hope you enjoy these.

  28. These all look good. I’m especially interested in Lavender House.

  29. Butts: A Backstory immediately made me laugh. I hope the book itself is just as amusing. Happy reading!

  30. Fairy Tale is on my radar. I’m very curious about it!

  31. Stephen King was going to be an honourable mention on my list this week. I have to say though I’m intrigued by Butts: A Backstory haha!

  32. Lavender House sounds really good. I definitely want to read that one.

  33. I’ve seen Butts around and kind of want to read it for the same reason. haha. I have Lavender House on my TBR!

  34. I like the look of Lavender House and We All Want Impossible Things

  35. Some weeks are definitely more challenging than others. Lavender House looks so intriguing! Great list.

  36. I’m so torn on The Lavender House!

  37. Oh I didn’t know Stephen King had a new book coming out! Also Lavender House sounds excellent, I’m going to add it to my list too!

  38. I have not heard of any of these books, but there are a few that look very intriguing: Butts, Lavender House and We All Want Impossible Things all call to me.

  39. Lavendar house is also on my radar.
    Thank you for sharing your picks!

  40. I hope all of these are great reads for you. We All Want Impossible Things sounds especially good.

  41. The book We All Want Impossible Things look good. I’ll probably add that to my TBR as well. 🙂

  42. Lavender House and The Rabbit’s Gift both sound fascinating. I hope you enjoy them all!

  43. I know exactly what you mean, Lydia. It’s always nice to look forward to something but let’s enjoy the here and now.

    I saw “The Rabbit’s Gift” on another list. Must look into that.

    Thanks for visiting my TTT this week.

  44. This was a tough one, unless you’d been planning upcoming releases for a while. I only had a few on my radar this week. The Rabbit’s Gift looks like a good one!

  45. I want to read Lavender House as well. I’ve read one of the author’s YA books and really loved it.

  46. I used to read tons of Stephen King, too, but I haven’t in a long while. I’m too wimpy for the scary stuff these days! I don’t know what FAIRY TALE is about, but I’m always tempted when it’s King, nightmares be darned. Ha ha. I hope you enjoy all these.

    Happy TTT (on a Thursday)!


  47. I always have fun making these type of annual lists, but since I’m pickier now about choices, it can be a little more limiting. Still… any kind of book list “research” (to find them) is still a good time. Thanks so much for visiting Finding Wonderland – hope you enjoy all of these.

  48. I’ve somehow managed to go my whole life so far without reading any Stephen King! I must try his work one day. Hope you enjoy these when you get to them!

  49. The Rabbit’s Gift does sound pretty cool!

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