Top Ten Tuesday: My Favourite Halloween Treats

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A pumpkin tin filled with candy corn. Tin cutouts of a pumpkin's eyes and mouth are sitting next to the candy on a linen tablecloth.Okay, so that title wasn’t super bookish. Let’s amend it to be My Favourite Halloween Treats While Reading.

Sometimes there’s something to be said for snacking on festive foods while reading something spooky.

My mind has decided that all orange foods are vaguely Halloween-ish. It’s made the same association with crunchy stuff like apples, celery, and popcorn because they’re foods I tend to eat more of during the cold half of the year in Ontario.

Everything else should be fairly self-explanatory, I’d imagine.

  • Apple Cider (the non-alcoholic kind)
  • Popcorn
  • Carrots
  • Apples
  • Orange Sweet Peppers
  • Celery
  • Jokerz (a chocolate, peanut, nougat, and caramel candy bar that’s similar to Snickers)
  • Cleo’s Peanut Butter Cups
  • Candy Corn
  • Skittles

Due to my food allergies and intolerances, I can’t eat many of the most common candies and other sweets that are sold at this time of the year. This has taught me to be grateful for what I can eat as well as for all of the awesome allergen-free substitutes out there.

Happy Halloween to everyone who celebrates it! I love this holiday and am still coming up with ways to celebrate it this year.

What are your favourite snacks to eat during Halloween season or during the cooler portions of the year in general?



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  1. This is the hardest time of year for me. All the sweets and I can’t touch or taste, but I give in to temptation and pay for it when I test my blood. Skittles are my Kryptonite.

  2. I love peppers and celery! Celery is so underrated, but it’s so good.

  3. Hi Lydia! Now I’m hungry! Still stuck at school, waiting for parent evening to start and forgot to bring food…

    Skittles! I can’t remember the last time I saw those in SA.

    Love your twist. Enjoy all your healthy snacks!

    Here’s my Should have, could have, would have Halloween reads

  4. I’ll keep it bookish. My favorite snacks to eat and drink while reading, especially during a readathon, are coffee, Hershey’s Kisses, Heath bars, and oranges.

  5. I love hot apple cider, or really anything with apples in it, this time of year! Still sad that Tim Hortons took apple cider off their menu. :’)

    From a bookish angle, I’m looking forward to making Maggie Stiefvater’s November cakes next week.

    Top Ten Tuesday post

  6. I have a lot of intolerences too, though I am glad I can eat most sweets, since I do have a sweet tooth! I love Skittles!

  7. I’m a candy corn fiend — which is why I try to avoid buying it, or else I’ll just binge it all and regret it later. πŸ™‚ Popcorn is my always favorite snack, while reading or watching TV. And I never say no to fresh chocolate chip cookies. Yum!

  8. I love Orange Sweet Peppers! Yours was a great take on this week’s topic πŸ™‚

  9. Great take, Lydia! I bought some popcorn earlier today coz I’ve been craving it all of a sudden. I also got some apple juice so I think I’ll be having those for a snack very soon πŸ˜›

  10. I love your post! I love candy corn but can only eat so much before it tastes a little funky to me. Am I the only one like that?

  11. This reminds me that I really need to have some apple cider before the season is over. YUM!

  12. I’m dairy free too and also really struggle this time of year. Milk chocolate is so hard to avoid!

  13. Cleo’s Peanut Butter Cups–thanks for the tip!

  14. Mmmm, yummy! Your list of Halloween treats is healthier than mine (which is ALL candy…)

    I just bought some apple cider, maybe I’ll have time to mull it this weekend. While I enjoy regular cider too, I like it best when it’s spiced.

  15. I’ve not a lot of specifically Halloween faves, but I do have a weakness for iced PSLs.

  16. Very interesting take on this TTT! Several of these are some of favorites too, especially popcorn and apple cider. Happy snacking!

  17. Jo

    I don’t really eat Halloween themed snacks or engage with the holiday in any way to be honest! I did get some chocolate coated apples from Tesco one year, but that’s about the extent of it.
    My TTT:

  18. Donuts and apple cider (alcohol or no) is a favorite fall treat, but otherwise I try to avoid donuts…they’re just too good.

  19. Ohh apple cider is such a good Halloween Treat. I’m also a huge fan of Starbucks Caramel Apple Spice drink!

  20. And now I’m off to look for a snack because this post made me hungry πŸ™‚ Have a great week!

    Here’s my post:

  21. Oh, Skittles are my kryptonite! Though popcorn is pretty good too and an apple is always a good idea πŸ™‚

  22. Jokerz sound brilliant tbh!

  23. I don’t have any specifically Halloween-esque treats that I eat this time of year, but I do love munching on white cheddar popcorn and also roasted peanuts. πŸ™‚

  24. Ah, always glad to find a fellow candy corn lover πŸ™‚

  25. Good list. I hate candy corn but when you mix it with roasted peanuts it’s a great Payday candy bar like taste!

  26. Skittles are definitely a friend to those of us with diary allergies.

  27. I’ve never heard of Jokerz but they sound awesome and I am actually eating Skittles while blog hopping around.

  28. They make non alcoholic cider? Isn’t that just apple juice? haha I just end up with whatever the trick or treaters don’t finish on Halloween!

  29. I’m a big fan of candy corn too:-) Now I want to curl up with a hot cider and some candy and read:-)

  30. Hallo, Hallo Lydia,

    I have my own share of issues with food intolerances and allergies, so I feel you on that! However, as you’ve asked what kinds of foods do I love during Autumn – my favourite thing to do is to eat seasonally by what is available and in ‘growth’ at the farmers markets. Loads of squashes, sweet potatoes, root veg and other Autumn/Wintry vegetables as much as I enjoy baking — this year, I’ve taken a knack for biscuits, scones and oatmeal raisin cookies – plus, I have a newfound love of self-rising flour! My favourite go-to choice to bake with is pumpkin but I haven’t sorted out what to do with pumpkin this year!? Ironic, no?

    I do love a wicked good pumpkin spice latte but this year I’ve failed to find one which suits my palette and of course as I’ve shifted off fully leaded for decaf it makes the choices a bit slimmer as you have to get that effect with a creame and on that end of it – I can’t have too much regular diary, so I’ve been sampling different almond milk and other alt. milk creamers to more or less success as well. *oyy!*

    Generally though – I don’t eat a lot of candy but I do love making homemade bakes and goodies as I can control the ingredients and use ingredients better; meaning I can control the amount of sugar and what *kind!* of sugar goes into it all too. Like you I celebrate what I can eat and try not to focus on what I cannot.

    You wrote a clever topic for today! In regards to eating or drinking whilst reading, I tend to do neither – but I might have a spot of tea or some home brewed decaf or a snack before I start reading instead!

    • Hello Jorie! It’s good to hear from you.

      I like to eat seasonally, too. I didn’t make it to any farmer’s markets this year, but I hope it will be safe to do that in 2021.

      What sort of tea do you like?

      • I know I’m thankful our farmer’s markets staid open during the pandemic as I know a lot of them were closed this year – however, thankfully ours maintained themselves and with masks and social distancing it has worked out quite well. There are more shortages in what is available to be eaten but so far, we’ve not encountered any issues in not getting what we need. I will say, we amended our shopping hours in March and have tried to stay away from larger crowds and/or high peak times and to shop alternatively in that regard.

        For tea – gosh! I love so much tea – from herbals to green tea, to lemon ginger and mint. I like sampling different teas like dragonwell or gunpowder but I also like a wicked good chai latte. I also started drinking a fermented tea drink the last few months which is knowing as Kombucha and its doing me a world of good! I usually cannot tolerate black teas anymore (outside of chai) but Kombucha is a different kind of black tea and thankfully I can consume it.

        I haven’t found I like floral or fruity teas and the whites are a bit elusive to me as well. I love herbal/medicinal teas as I fully believe in alternative/natural medicines whilst I sometimes just like to brew a cuppa to relax. I like adding alt. milk into my tea too – coconut, almond, etc. which I think is singularly the most British thing I do! If I have local honey on hand I’ll add a squeeze of that too!

        What about you?

        • I need to limit caffeine for medical reasons, so most of the tea I drink is floral, fruity, herbal, or minty.

          Peppermint is my favourite, but there are so many other types to try.

          I hadn’t thought of putting coconut or almond milk in my tea! That sounds amazing.

          What do you like to buy the most from your farmer’s market? I think mine has the best strawberries and other fruit to be found anywhere.

  31. Ooh nice topic. I love peanut butter cups (or at least I used to- I haven’t had one in a long time)! I like those little Krackle candy bars too ha ha

  32. I’m mostly all about the chocolate, but I do love candy corn. I know a lot of people don’t like it – more for me! I also love pumpkin treats this time of year.

    Happy TTT!


  33. Apples are the perfect autumn snack. (And chocolate, at least for me.)

  34. I LOVE your sweet spin on this week’s topic!!! πŸ™ŒπŸ˜πŸ˜‹

  35. Popcorn, apples, and candy corns are some of my favorites. I made some applesauce a few weeks ago. Now that the weather is really cooling down, I’m eager to make it again.

    Thanks for sharing.

  36. Jokerz sounds good. I don’t really eat while reading, but I do drink a lot of water, kombucha, and tea.

  37. I’m not sure why, but I don’t really snack on anything while I’m reading. That was one of the strangest things about coming into the online book community, was how every seemed to have a reading snack preference. Despite that, candy corn is always a wonderful treat for this time of year! As are most things pumpkin flavored (as long as it’s not pumpkin spice). I used to love apple cider as well, but I’ve been a lot pickier for the taste lately. I love your take on this week’s topic!

  38. verushka

    Oh hello, this list set off my sweet tooth cravings! I do want to try a Jokerz most of all though!

  39. Brilliant twist on the topic. Now I want to eat sweets – which is very bad for me since I’m diabetic. Good thin, I can’t buy half of them here, only the healthy part. LOL

    Thanks for visiting my TTT earlier and leaving your link. Unfortunately, that didn’t work. But I found you, of course, since we communicate regularly. Could just be that others are not so lucky.

    Have a good Halloween with all the treats you love.

    • You’re welcome. Thanks for letting me know my link didn’t work. No idea what happened there.

      I hope you enjoy whatever Halloween treats are safe for your diabetes. I know someone with diabetes who has to be quite strict about what he eats and someone else with it who can have small treats if they’re planned ahead for.

  40. Oooohhh!! I love this topic!! Food allergies are the worst! Sorry that you have to go through that. We just found out my son is allergic to Dairy… so that’s been an adjustment! My favorite treat is caramel apples!!

    • Your poor kid. Dairy allergies are hard, but there are so many more substitute products out there than there were when I was a kid. I hope he finds lots of good stuff eh can eat.

  41. I love to snack while I read! Popcorn is my favorite food all year round, but I agree, it’s especially nice in the fall. I like caramel corn, but don’t have that very often, with trying to cut back on sugar. Crunchy apples from the farmer’s market and pears have been daily treats for me this month, but for unhealthy stuff I love candy corn, Snickers, and M&Ms (all varieties). Thanks for visiting my blog!

  42. Oh, candy corn! Such a divisive candy, but I for one, love it! I could honestly eat it until I was ill than come back the next day for more. I work at a candy store, which means having a supply of fresh candy corn around several days a week at this time of year, I try to be good, for my teethes sake, though sometimes it’s hard!

    • Heh, I’ve been happy to see so many positive comments about candy corn on my post.

      Lucky you for working in a candy store! What a fun job that must be.

  43. Hot Apple Cider is the best! We visited New York at Christmas and bought some at a pop-up Christmas shop. It was an experience I’ll never forget.

  44. I love Apple Cider and Skittles! πŸ™‚

  45. Not sure you have all these at the same time as reading, but in autumn I love hot chocolate and big bowls of soup, stew and curry πŸ˜‹

  46. Every year I raid my kids’ buckets in the desperate hope for a Mr. Goodbar, which I rarely find, and end up being quite content with Almond Joy and Snickers hah.

  47. I like your play on the freebie this week! You hit on my two favorite snacks during this time of year: candy corn and peanut butter cups. Though now I’m so curious about trying Jokerz.

  48. I love this time of year! All the fall drinks are amazing!

  49. I love that you picked treats for your topic! I usually buy one bag of candy corn a year since it’s addicting. But for some reason, I didn’t this year (yet).

  50. I quite dearly love this list a whole lot! I am not much for cider but I love Skittles and candy corn. When I was growing up, it was always a tradition that the family got together and my aunt served homemade soups (potato/bacon, split-pea, chicken noodle) while I went traipsing around the neighborhood collecting my goodies. Now that my daughter is old enough, we go to our BFFs’ house, they throw a party, there’s lots of yummy chili to devour, then the kids head out to collect their treats.

    This year will obviously be a whole lot different, but we can still enjoy the delicious foods at least!

  51. Halloween this year was definitely different and quieter, but I love that these foods could help you celebrate regardless! Hope you had a great Halloween!

  52. Great list, I’m all about anything cinnamon, ginger or pumpkin tasting at this time of year!

  53. I love cider too, both the alcoholic and the non-alcoholic varieties. The Jokerz sounds really good too.

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