What If I Don’t Wear Makeup?

Photo by Anita Martinz.

New visitors to this site continue to find it through some very interesting search log queries. Recently someone found On the Other Hand by typing this into their search bar:

What if I don’t wear makeup?

This is (probably) what would happen:


From what I’ve seen over the past 29 years, most people are far too wrapped up in their own lives to notice what’s going on with everyone else.

The only time I immediately notice other people wearing makeup is when it’s obviously the wrong colour for their skin tones – think someone wearing a foundation that’s four or five shades darker (or lighter) than their actual skin tone.

This applies to men and women equally. I’ve worked with people of both genders for months, sometimes years, before looking up one day and wondering, “hey, when did Joe/Jill start wearing eyeshadow?”

Maybe other people notice these things but I’m not someone for whom this makes an impression.

Here are some things I’ve noticed that actually do make a difference:

  • Making small talk.
  • Offering up your seat to someone who needs it more.
  • Finding an outfit that makes you feel good. I’m anything but a fashionista…but there’s something to be said for walking down the street with the bounce in your step that comes from wearing flattering clothing.
  • Contacting someone you haven’t spoken with in a while just to say hello.
  • Smiling.

By all means wear makeup if you like how it feels and looks.

Just don’t do it because you think other people will have an issue with it if you don’t. We really don’t care.


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  1. I don’t like small talk but everyone thing else is true 😀

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