What Should I Write About?

SkywriterI always seem to run low on blog post ideas this time of year.

Is there anything you’d me to write about? I’m open to any and all ideas!

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  1. Opa!

    Aiden says wrote about your life. 🙂

  2. Michael Mock

    If you please, miss, I should very much like to hear a story about a baby girl who was kidnapped by a family of trolls and raised as their drudge. I should like to hear about how cruelly they made her work, and how she only managed with the secret help of her little wooden doll. I should like to hear about how she finally caught a glimpse of other humans in the woods, and realized that she didn’t belong with the trolls, and made her escape. I should like to hear how she came to a human village and made a home there, but had many difficulties because troll-work had made her ever so very much stronger than everyone else. I should like to hear how the trolls grew angry, and came after her, and I should particularly like to hear how one young man shamed the rest of the village into standing beside her to deny the trolls their evil way. Please, could you tell us that one, miss?

    It starts like this: “Once upon a time…”

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