When Did You First Feel Like an Adult?

A question, readers. But first a little backstory.

I’m 29 years old and still don’t have any interest in many grown up activities.

I rarely drink alcohol and I’ve never learned to like beer or wine.

Dinner is always casual – often it’s leftover from the night before or something simple like soup or a salad. I never make multiple-course meals.

Brussels sprouts will always be unpalatable.

I don’t own dressy clothing and have no desire to change that.

I still think science fiction is better than serious literature at pointing out the flaws in our current societies or governments.

As much as I like being married I have no desire to push others into it. Being single (or being in a relationship that isn’t legally recognized) isn’t something that needs to be fixed. There are as many ways to live a good life as there are good people.

When I was a kid I thought becoming an adult meant taking on more serious opinions and roles. Most of the adults around me seemed so sure of what they were doing and what they wanted out of life.  Some of them had strong opinions and had no problem pressing those beliefs on others.

I didn’t feel or act that way but assumed I would as I grew older.

It never happened.

Tell me, readers –

When did you first feel like an adult?

If you were uninterested in stereotypical adult things as a teen or young adult did you ever learn to like them? Or have your interests stayed more or less the same over the years?


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2 Responses to When Did You First Feel Like an Adult?

  1. When I got married at age 19 I felt like an adult.

    Then at age 40 I started figuring out who I really am, and have devolved from adulthood ever since.

  2. 'Seph

    I’m 44 years old and I don’t think I have a great amount of adult-like activities.

    I too do not olten drink alcohol but I do enjoy various kinds of beer.

    Diner is ALWAYS casual, especially with a wife who owns and operates a catering business out of the house and two teenage children.

    I put brussel sprouts in the same catagory as asparagus and freshly clipped grass. …no thank you…

    My most common ‘mode’ of dress are either t-shirt and jeans, or t-shirt and shorts. I have one proper “dress-up” suit for special occasions.

    I find truth in nearly any kind of literature. I think that’s the trick is finding that truth within what you read. “Serious Literature”? Most of it I have found boring.

    I am married, but see little difference between legitimate “common-law” and legally married. To each their own. In the end it’s only a piece of paper.

    I still don’t know what I’m doing and I like it that way.

    I don’t (EVER) go shopping for something, but prefer to let it find me. (And yes, sometimes it’s a long process).

    Although I cannot pin-point a time that I have ever crossed that threshold of feeling like an adult I have recently come to realize I’m not as young as my heart feels. In the martial arts I practice it’s a whole different ball game when competing or sparring with 18-23 year-olds. Yikes!

    The day we let go of being a child is the day our creativity and wonder of the world dies.

    I recently went to Comic-Con in Ottawa with my children and realized not only how much of a child I managed to hang on to; not only do my kids think I’m cool; but that being this wonderous child IS cool!!

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