When Does Autumn Really Begin?

Photo credit: Jim.

Photo credit: Jim.

Sometimes when seasons change, my husband and I have a conversation that goes something like this:

“It’s finally autumn!” I’ll say.

“No, it isn’t,” says Drew.

“Um…it’s the middle of September.”

“Exactly. It’s the end of summer. Autumn doesn’t officially begin until the 23rd this year.”

“But it’s September!”

“Yes, but not fall. Not quite yet.”

Everything tastes like pumpkin spice! Look at that dead left on the ground! Plus, I’m wearing a sweater!”

“Nope, still not autumn.”

Apparently we have two different definitions of what each season means and how it arrives. 😉

When do you think the seasons officially change? Is it autumn yet according to you?

And why does everything taste like pumpkin spice?


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5 Responses to When Does Autumn Really Begin?

  1. Michael Mock

    Well, here in the office it’s doing a passably convincing impression of winter…

    But no, not outside. It’s cooled a little, but until the weather really breaks, it isn’t autumn.

  2. daphnepurpus

    My season shifts have always been related to the school year, so fall begins right after Labor Day when school resumes, winter at the holiday break in December, spring at spring break, and finally summer when school lets out. That being said, I do also observe the equinoxes and solstices, so I guess I get it all!! Happy Fall or nearly so!

  3. Sarah B.

    I do pay attention to when the calendar says fall begins, but really for me it is about a specific feeling in the air. It is hard to describe, but it is a shift in the way the air smells and how it feels, if that makes any sense. For the past few weeks, I’ve felt fall coming, but it didn’t really arrive until this past week. Then I really felt the change.

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