Why I Won’t Gossip About Bruce Gerencser (or Anyone Else)

Juicy rumours by Erik Pevernagie.

Juicy rumours by Erik Pevernagie.

Lately I’ve been getting quite a few hits from people using search engines to find Bruce Gerencser criticism.

Bruce is a friend of mine. I’ve known him for about six or seven years now, and apparently have mentioned him here just often enough for search engines to send people to my blog when they’re looking for dirt on him.

Sorry, that won’t be happening here. I don’t do that to anyone, much less an old friend.

What I find most amusing about this, though, is how much more they could learn about him if they simply read his blog themselves. He’s not the kind of person who is at all shy about telling the truth about himself.

Even if this wasn’t the case and I knew something about him that he was desperately trying to hide, gossip is socially acidic. It doesn’t only hurt the people who are having rumours spread about them. It also damages the reputation of the person spreading and it makes it really difficult for me to trust them with any news about my life in the future.

If they’ll share it with you, they’ll share it about you.

So, no. This isn’t the right place to come if you’re looking for juicy gossip. Although it does make for a good topic for a blog post!


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4 Responses to Why I Won’t Gossip About Bruce Gerencser (or Anyone Else)

  1. Michael Mock

    I dunno, I think you’re missing out on a brilliant opportunity to just make sh– to make stuff up. “Bruce Gerencser spent his formative years searching for bigfoot. During his time in the ministry, he supplemented his meager paychecks by salvaging scraps from crashed UFOs and selling them to the government. Legend has it that he once spent an entire night in a rowboat floating on Loch Ness, in an attempt to convert and baptize Nessie. Friends and family speculate that his decision to leave the ministry may have been the result of an alien mind-control ray, which Bruce triggered accidentally at one of the crash sites.”

  2. I told you not to share that with anyone, Michael. 🙂 I find the dirt searches quite funny. I’m quite accessible and write a lot of posts that are quite personal in nature. All they have to do is read and ask.

    Thanks for protecting my deep, dark secrets. 🙂

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