Why I’m an Apatheist

Longterm readers might remember how often I used to talk about my deconversion from Christianity when I first started this blog. Eventually I ran out of things to say about that topic, though, and I drifted to more interesting questions.

It wasn’t easy to shrug off something that had such a profound impact on my childhood and young adult experiences.  I was never an angry or confrontative non-theist. That’s never been my style regardless of what I believed. But while I was adjusting to my new life it was hard to completely disconnect from my old one.

For a while I followed half a dozen or so Atheist blogs in order to see how other people have handled certain situations that can be sticky to navigate. Seeing how much attention they paid to the dumb things Christian leaders said was surprising, though. I understand the urge to keep tabs on the small percentage of them that are unethical, especially in cases where religious leaders have been protected by their churches or communities for years on end even when multiple adults knew they were doing terrible things.

I slowly grew less and less interested in these sites as I realized that I have absolutely no interest in deconverting theists or arguing with people who find  hope and comfort in their religion.

If it works for them and it isn’t harming anyone else, I don’t care what other people believe.

There are so many other interesting things in this world to explore. I want to read about macroevolution, first aid, and physics. I want to learn how to make homemade freezer jam when you have to wash everything by hand and have a tiny freezer. One of these days I might even talk my husband into getting back into hiking regularly!

But arguing about religion? N0, thanks.

(I was originally planning to pepper this post with half a dozen gifs because I’m slightly obsessed with them at the moment, but I decided to pare it down to one so I don’t annoy my readers. 😉 )



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  1. I find myself, at times, quite indifferent about atheism and religion. I have often wondered if I will reach a point where I lose all interest in writing about atheism/religion. Not there yet. 🙂 I do like to write on other things. Some readers love it, especially long time readers, when I write on family, photography, politics, etc. My life is more than atheism. Like you, I have a variety of things that interest me.

    GIF’s? I find them quite annoying. 🙂

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