Wild Card Wednesday: A Survey for Nontheists

Richard Haynes (Atheist Nexus) and Dr. Tom Arcaro (Elon University) are conducting a survey on how non-theists connect with likeminded people. The results won’t be strictly scientific but they will help Serving Atheists figure out how to better reach people with similar worldviews.

You don’t have to identify as an atheist to participate in this survey. From what I understand they’re casting a wide net and hope to hear from atheists, non-theists and people who check off the none box. If any of these sound like you then you qualify.

It took me about 10 minutes to complete.


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6 Responses to Wild Card Wednesday: A Survey for Nontheists

  1. tammy

    I assume a nontheist includes the agnostic label?

  2. tammy

    I took it. Labels are troublesome but I’m probably closest to agnostic.

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