Wild Card Wednesday: August 2012 Questions

Entertaining search terms used to find this blog in August 2012.

What do pollutants smell like? Cloying perfume/cologne, stale cigarette smoke, olives and the nauseating combination of freshly ground ginger and tumeric.

Why do I go quiet when it’s my turn to speak? Maybe you’re easily embarrassed?

Can a talkative and quiet person make it in a marriage? Probably. 😉

Can you forgive someone for violating your trust? It depends on how you find out about it and how they’re planning to behave in the future.

Does Bruxy Cavey allow swearing? Years ago I briefly attended his church and I didn’t get the impression that he’s the kind of guy who is easily offended. From our handful of conversations he seemed like someone who meets people where they’re at and doesn’t expect non-Christians to act like Christians. If I ever see him again I’ll try to remember to ask him this question, though!

Is violence more sinful than sex? I don’t necessarily believe in the Christian definition of sin but violence is almost always going to be many times more harmful than sex because it tears down the emotional, sexual or physical selves of other human beings. It’s designed to achieve that end and if anything sex is meant to do the opposite. If I had kids I’d much rather them watch a (consensual) sex scene than someone being brutally beaten or murdered on TV.

Prosperity theology and the law of attraction… are more or less the same idea wrapped up in different words.

Meaning – normally quiet person is chatty? I don’t know why this happens but every once in a while I suddenly cannot stop talking. All of the thoughts I’m normally content to keep to myself suddenly feel like things that must be shared.

Why do I keep reading the stupid news? Because you haven’t discovered this site yet. It’s much funnier (and probably just about as relevant to your daily life) than reading or watching the news.

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  1. tammy

    I love these posts. Cleverness abounds.

  2. I totally agree, we need more boobs and less guns on tv.

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