Wild Card Wednesday: Holiday Advice

This list is (mostly) for folks who celebrate the upcoming holidays, and are fortunate enough to have people and resources to celebrate with; if you don’t fit that group, skip to the bottom. If you do fit, then even if your family are your favorite people and you look forward all year to the holidays, you still may find useful hints here.

A Bit of Holiday Advice.

I love this list.

Drew and I don’t exactly celebrate Christmas but last year and this one we made a point of having a quiet day at home on the 25th.

I cook whatever we both feel like eating and we watch movies or give my parents a call. It’s incredibly relaxing and we’ve ended up following a lot of the ideas on the above list even before Laurie and Debbie posted the list. Most of the suggestions are common sense but it’s nice to see other people coming to the same conclusions about what one “ought” to do this time of year.

I hope your holidays – whatever you celebrate – are just as wonderful as ours.

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