Wild Card Wednesday: Spring 2012 Questions

Photo by Brocken Inaglory

Search engine queries from the last two months. 

1. What would happen if the Americans gained control of the Niagara Peninsula? They’d probably end up annexing the rest of Canada, too. The U.S. has 312 million citizens…Canada only has about 34 million. ūüėČ

2. Is a quiet husband better than a boisterous one? Yes.

3. How much sex on tv is acceptable? As much (or as little) as the plot requires.

4. What is it with quiet people that makes them interesting? You’ll never know what we’re really thinking about.

5. How [do you] catch up with old friends and acquaintances after many years? Invite them out for coffee/beer/ice cream floats. Share your life highlights from the last X of years. Ask them about theirs. Exchange phone numbers. Probably never see them again.

6. Was life easier in the 90s? Not for me. Your results may vary.

7. What happened to “the ooze” website? It was rebooted.

8. What’s the difference between socializing today and for twenty years ago?¬†Embarrassing¬†photos and stories are much more likely to end up on Facebook.

9. Is sex a kind of violence? No.

10. What would you ask your ancestors?

Many generations ago there was a woman in my family tree who gave birth to a disabled child when she was young and single (which was a very shameful thing in rural Germany at that time.) One day that child walked into the woods and “disappeared.” I’ve always wondered if someone covered up a murder with that strange little story. If so, was the mother involved?

About 150 years ago another ancestor changed his name and emigrated from Germany to the United States. We don’t know what his original name was or why he changed it. I’ve always wondered who or what he was running from.¬†Was he really even German?

11. Is there¬†more than one type of fear? Yes. That’s why watching horror movies is fun and actually being assaulted (sexually, physically or otherwise) is traumatic.

12. Why do people react nonchalantly to violence? They’ve grown numb to it.

13. What if someone doesn’t want our forgiveness? Forgive them anyway. You don’t have to tell them about it.

14. God will heal you atheist. If that happened I’d be grateful. And then I’d wonder why anyone would heal a non-theist from a minor illness (as I have no chronic health problems) when millions of believers die every day. Wouldn’t it make more sense to look after them instead?

15. Drinking is boring. Yes it is. Especially when you’re the only sober one in the room.

16. Awkward conversations you want to avoid. Anything with an agenda attached to it. Don’t have an agenda? Not interested in converting the rest of us to your religion/political party/choice of reading materials? Then no topic is off-limits.

17. When is grace appropriate and inappropriate?

It depends on what your position is in the conflict.¬†Are you the injured party? It’s appropriate.

Are you a bystander trying to convince someone who has been hurt to sweep their pain under the rug? It’s inappropriate.

18. How can you let someone know something is yours legally? Say, “I actually own that.” If there’s still a conflict get legal advice.

19. Everybody I meet has to become a friend. No offense but I find that attitude to be sickly-sweet and patronizing. Be friendly by all means but please don’t try to force anything. It will either happen naturally or it won’t.

20.¬†¬†How many holes are there in a girl? explain the function of each briefly. I’m so grateful you’re not my kid. Go ask your parent(s) or look it up on Wikipedia.

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