Wild Card Wednesday: Summer 2012 Questions

The best search engine queries from the last three months.

1. If you are skeptical about everything then you would be skeptical about being skeptical right? Yes. I know I have blind spots. We all do. You can’t get rid of them…but you can remain aware that they exist.

2. Is traveling an hour away to school too far? One hour each way is a two hour daily commute – or 10 hours per week, 4o hours a month, and about 1440 hours a year. 1440 hours is the equivalent of 60 days. Do you really want to spend that much of your life in traffic? I sure wouldn’t.

3. Is earth hour evil? No, just a waste of time.

4. What’s a talkative person? Accompany me to my next family reunion and you’ll find out. 😉

5. Why [is] being on time for church important? If you’re late there might not be any jelly donuts left.

6. Why are Germans more sexually adventurous than North Americans? Their culture seems to be less anxious about sex than the U.S. I’d say Canada is closer to Germany than the U.S. in this regard…but it really depends on where you live!

7. Is asking [an] acquaintance “do you have kids” impolite? The only way it would be impolite is if you’re planning to harangue them for not having the correct number of children or having them too early/late/close together/far apart. Otherwise, ask away.

8. Is eating eggs ethically ok if they’re [from] pets? Yes.

9. Smelling cousin’s laundry. Including those who married into the family I have about two dozen first cousins. I have no idea what any of their laundry smells like.

10. I don’t want to move to a small town with my husband. This is something spouses/partners have to work out together. I know it can be tough to sort this stuff out but the rest of us don’t have the right to interfere in your relationship.

11. Things to be skeptical about… Anything that sounds too good to be true. Anyone who tries to make your life decisions for you. Any group that aggressively seeks out donations.

12. What is the best degree for a quiet person? Funeral service education. If not for the routine exposure to embalming fluids (and communicable diseases) I’d become a mortician in a heartbeat. The dead don’t make small talk.

13. What are some good questions for small talk at a new job?

  • Where’s the best place to eat lunch around here?
  • How long have you worked here?
  • Where’s the washroom?
  • I’m going to get a cup of coffee. Could I get you anything while I’m out?
  • Where would I find an extra stapler/pencil/measuring tape/ladder/horse?

14. How do you respect elders who don’t respect you? By giving them consequences for their actions. Barring a medical issue like dementia I’d respect them by setting better boundaries and seeing them less often until things changed.

15. How does the Internet destroy friendships? I’ve actually found the opposite to be true in my life.

16. How do music cards work? Click here.

17. How do you handle someone else’s pessimistic mood? Introduce them to Puddleglum.

18. I am the last quiet person. This would make an interesting short story. Imagine a world in which pre-conception testing is so inexpensive and commonplace that everyone in developed nations can choose the characteristics of their children to be. Would being quiet or introverted be seen as undesirable traits?

19. Why you’re not a guru? I’m not opinionated enough about esoteric matters.

20. What happens if there is more hand sex? Why don’t you try it and report back to us. 😉

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  1. daphnepurpus

    I love your answers!  I agree with everything you have said although I don’t know if I could get a funeral service education.  My best degree was in Library Science because librarians can study just about anything (and libraries are generally pretty quiet).  And I had totally forgotten Puddleglum! Thanks for reminding me.  I hope you do write the short story as I’d love to read it (although the thought of people choosing their children’s characteristics is quite frightening!)!

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