Wild Card Wednesday: Summer 2011 Blogs

Are you looking for some new blogs to follow? In no particular order here is a list of fantastic ones I discovered over the last several months:

Grief Beyond Belief. A support group for non-religious people who are grieving the death of a loved one.

Tiny Buddha. Simple, often Buddhist-inspired wisdom. It is the only blog I’ve ever come across that urges people to only read what they need!

Daphne’s Haiku. My friend Daphne posts a new Haiku every day. Some are playful, others profound.

Microprogressions. A record of all of the ways in which our world is growing less prejudiced and hateful over time. I especially appreciate how much it relies on reader submissions for new posts.

Color Me Katie. The most whimsical, joyful blog I’ve ever read. When I have a bad day I read through the archives for a mood boost.

Castles in the Air. I don’t always agree with what Nina has to say about minimalism but she definitely gives me food for thought.

Unplugged Sunday. The challenge: set aside one day a week to unplug from your computer, cellphone, television and other technology and spend time in nature with your loved ones. Each post discusses various activities that the authors have tried with their families.


What great sites have you come across recently?

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