You Were Born in the Sea: a Parable

You were born in the sea.

You didn’t call it that, of course. Everyone knew the waves have no beginning or end.

Occasionally someone would swim in from somewhere far away with fantastical stories about warm, sweet water in the south, icy saltwater to the north.

One of you even claimed that she’d seen water so salty you couldn’t swim inside of it.

No one really believed her, though. She must have eaten too much algae before bed.

A storm rumbled across the sky. You were floating next to her when the first flash of lightening scratched through the clouds. You reached out to hold her hand (as was the custom).

When it ended you both were in unfamiliar waters…some of which was curiously un water-like.

“See?” she said, standing up with a wobble. “It’s too salty to swim in. Only my toes are covered now.”

“Strange,” you replied.

“It gets saltier the further you swim,” she said. “A little farther in and even my feet float.”

“What happens then?”

“I don’t know.”

You decide to find out. She stands over the salty water, waving as you swim on to saltier waters. Some are as hard as bone, others as sharp as fins.


When you return the others are waiting. No one believes you about the bone-water. They wouldn’t believe her stories, either, except that a few brave souls have tested the saltier waters for themselves.

She leaves with them. You stay. There must be a reason why this water behaves so strangely.

(to be continued…)






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  1. Shokthegerman

    Wow i want more!!!! Im drawn in and intrigued

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