10 Blogs You Should Be Following

Five years ago I published a post about blogs I thought everyone should follow. I thought it was high time to revisit this idea, especially since many of the sites I recommended back then have either gone inactive or no longer exist.

You should know in advance that I have eclectic tastes and I don’t necessarily agree with everything I read. If I recommend something, it’s because I’m a fan of the author’s ideas or writing style. I’m also purposefully not including the blogs that I link to in the Link Love section of this site. They’re all awesome, but I wanted to branch out and pick other links for this post.

With that being said, let’s get onto the list. They’re in no particular order.

Raptitude. This one of the few personal development blogs that I actually like. David, the guy who runs it, has such a personable writing style. It’s like he’s having a conversation with you as equals instead of preaching a (secular) sermon. I really like that about his writing style.

Geekologie. A collection of wonderfully bizarre things from every corner of the globe. I’m  not sure how else to describe it. Every post is different from the last one, often wildly so.

Nerd Fitness. I was always one of those awkward kids in gym class who hated being there and wasn’t good at any of the sports we played. This is a fitness site geared specifically for those of us who aren’t naturally athletic or coordinated. I love the fact that stuff like this exists now. Exercise is actually something I enjoy these days, and that isn’t something I ever thought I’d say.

Full House Reviewed. This blog reviewed all of the original Full House episodes a few years ago, and it will soon be reviewing Fuller House as well. It has a snarky tone that contrasts the sentimentality of these characters nicely.

I Work at a Public Library. The funniest site I currently follow.

That Deaf Guy. The second funniest site that I follow.

Letters of Note. I don’t have the penmanship or the patience to send hand written letters to anyone.  Maybe that’s why I find this site so fascinating?

Poor as Folk. This is a blog about the cycle of poverty, living on a shoestring budget, and how to remain hopeful when you feel hopeless. I love it.

Talking Ethics. It’s rare to find discussions about ethics and morality that come from a strictly secular perspective. What I like about it the most is that there are so many intelligent people involved in it as commenters and bloggers. I listen far more than I participate, but I’ve learned a lot from this site.

IFL Science. I’ve learned so much about medicine, technology, biology, physics, and chemistry from the writers on this website. If any of these topics interest you in the slightest, I highly recommend checking it out.

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