A World Without Sea Cucumbers

A few weeks ago an unusual search term prompted me to write this post.

A few days ago someone found this blog by doing an Internet search for a world without sea cucumbers

Strawberry has a story for you, anonymous visitor. I’ve heard it’s been passed down among sea cucumbers for generations. 😉

In the beginning the world was very different than it is now.

You could swim as far as your fins or flippers wanted to move and you’d never find the beginning or end of the sea.

You could swim as far up or down as your fins or flippers soared and you’d never scrape the muddy floor or gasp those peculiar gases that stream over the sea.

There was only water as far as anyone could ever swim. If there was, in fact, anyone around to swim.

The sea was much less crowded in those days. There were other creatures- small, rounder, and less intelligent than us – mucking about but there were no sea cucumbers.

And then the seas split. Structures that looked like reefs jutted up out of the sea, some so enormous that they ruptured one sea into two. The water surged, growing shallow in places where it had been deep and deep where it had been shallow.

Everyone living near those reefs died. How could anyone survive without water, after all?Those left behind adapted to new habitats, learning to eat new foods and find shelter behind rocks or underneath mud on an otherwise barren ocean floor.

The best of these stretched out their tails, sucked in their bellies, absorbed their limb buds and became sea cucumbers. It took many generations for them to become as intelligent and curious as us, of course, but they eventually made it.

And that is how a world without sea cucumbers became a world with them.


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  1. daphnepurpus

    This is really cool!  I like it all and the last sentence is really nice!  I am enjoying getting to know the sea cucumbers!

  2. All I can say is that makes me want to eat salad, and that’s a good thing ;-D

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