Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Stories I Wouldn’t Revisit and Why

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A closeup photo of about a dozen DVD cases, including cases for Friends, Pulp Fiction, Django, and several other films that don’t have English titles. The original topic for this week asked about books, films, and TV shows that I wouldn’t revisit. I’ve decided to pick one answer from each category.


The Lord of the Rings trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien


As much as I enjoyed seeing how everything ended, the pacing of this trilogy was too slow for me to ever revisit it. The long, flowery descriptions of the landscapes, settings, and characters painted a vivid picture in my mind, but they were also so numerous that I did find them a little tedious after a while given how much writing styles have evolved since this series was published.

(The films are still cool, though).


Any action film ever.


I do not enjoy this genre. On the rare occasion I watch one, it is usually to make my spouse happy instead of out of any innate desire to see a character break the laws of physics and defy the limits of human anatomy as often as tends to happen in these sorts of stories.


TV Show

Old sitcoms.


The sexist and homophobic jokes in them. What may have been acceptable 30+ years ago doesn’t always age well in modern times. I do not judge others who can look past those things, by the way. I simply don’t find that sort of humour amusing and would rather watch something else instead.



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4 Responses to Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Stories I Wouldn’t Revisit and Why

  1. I am so with you regarding The Lord of the Rings. I was just saying to someone yesterday that attention spans are different these days, and people consume media quicker, tending to want fast paced fiction, or at least books they can read quickly.

  2. I first read Lord of the Rings living abroad pre-Internet. My English language entertainment options were limited, and I loved the trilogy. I tried to reread it when I was back in America at some point, and found I couldn’t get into it in the same way. Though I eventually listen to the audiobooks on a series of long road trips. So I think I understand exactly what you mean.

    I have also happy experience of going back and trying to watch some old sitcoms and run into the dated material that made them unwatchable.

    • That is so interesting, Greta! Maybe the audiobooks are better, then?

      And I’m sorry you’ve also had that experience with older stuff.

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