An Open Letter to Beverly Cleary

Bevery Cleary quote 2Dear Beverly,

I discovered you when I started attending public school in the fourth grade after being homeschooled for several years. Ramona the Pest was my first introduction to your books, and I soon read every single Beverly Cleary book that I could find at my elementary school and the local public library.

Your stories ignited my imagination. It wasn’t until a few days ago that I discovered that I never read some of them as a child. This will be remedied soon, though, because I can’t wait to rediscover some of the first characters I ever remember wishing I could meet in person as well as hopefully meeting some new friends.

Not only have I remained an avid reader as an adult, I’m also an author myself now. I wonder how many other young fans of your work have grown up to do the same thing?

A recent news article about you stirred up all of these happy memories. I hope you have a wonderful 100th birthday next month!


Lydia Schoch

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