Enemies No Longer

I no longer want to be enemies with myself.

This phrase captured my imagination as soon as I noticed it in the search logs for this blog.

Why might someone have such inner turmoil?

  • They have guilt, warranted or otherwise.
  • They’re not comfortable in their own skin.
  • “The face of the enemy frightens me only when I see how much it resembles me.” – variously attributed.

(No doubt there are explanations that I’ve missed!) I wish I could know more about the person who typed that phrase. The smallest error floods some of us with guilt while others who have done much more harmful things barely register a pinprick of remorse on their consciences. Was the creator of this phrase someone who agonized over things that aren’t actually flaws? Maybe he or she saw something in someone else that reminded him or her of personal failings?

What lead to this decision? I’d like to think that he or she chose to try something new before it became more painful to stick to the old ways than it did to embrace something new. Change can be difficult enough when it’s done voluntarily.

What now?

Beyond (emotional?) battlefields of the past has come a new chapter in this individual’s life. Swords have been beaten into ploughshares, old wounds are finally scabbing over. We don’t know yet what is to come but it’s bound to be something incredible.

Incidentally, I ran my own Internet search on this phrase. According to my results there don’t appear to be any websites or articles out there on how to make the switch from being an enemy with yourself to working together. Maybe it isn’t something that the average person can just wake up one morning and decide to do? What do you think?



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