It Helps to Actually Submit Your Interview

Several weeks ago I worked on a written interview about writing and my latest book for a friend’s blog. It included a series of questions that I was supposed to answer with gifs.

This is awesome! I thought. I can’t wait for everyone to read it.

There was one question that I wanted to take a second look at before submitting the whole thing, so I saved the file and went about my daily business.

Somehow my brain (mis)interpreted working on the interview as actually finishing it and sending it off.

So I didn’t realize that the final step hadn’t been taken for a few weeks.

Oops! How embarrassing.

The good news is that the interview is really finished now. I sent it in over the weekend, and I will share a link to it as soon as it’s published. It’s going to be wonderful to see what all of my readers think of it.

What have you misremembered recently?

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