Mailbag #12

Ridgeback Rogue asked me this recently on, and I thought it would make a good blog post:

What question have you been too afraid to ask? 

I’ve faced a few huge questions in my life. While I’ve (more or less) figured them out now, they dominated my most private thoughts for a long time because I was afraid of what I’d discover about myself.

1) Am I a lesbian?

I grew up in a community that knew everyone was heterosexual. We were  barely cognizant that gay and lesbian people existed, but their lives were not discussed in the conservative Christian circles I grew up in. So when I slowly realized that I wasn’t like everyone else I struggled to figure out where I stood. My sexual orientation was (and is) a slippery, ever-changing thing, and every time I thought I had it pinned down it shifted again. It took a while for me to realize this shifting is normal for me. Who I’m attracted to today might not be the same tomorrow or next week…and that’s ok.

2) Am I a Christian?

Longterm readers have seen me revisit this topic several times, but the condensed answer to this is no. Religion isn’t something I find particularly interesting these days. I don’t mind if other people discuss it, it just doesn’t appeal to me personally.

But you’re not asking about the past as much as you are about the present.

3) Can I make it as a writer? 

I’m still working through this fear. It’s hard to know when to release your work to the world, and so far I’ve done a lot more rewriting than releasing. I’m working very hard to get over this fear, though.

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