Sick Day Musings, Part Two

Who else has ever dreamed about having a coughing fit when they’re sick in real life?

That happened to me yesterday. I still don’t know if my brain was waking me up to have a real coughing fit or if it was simply one of those everyday things that sometimes works its way into the dream world.

Dream coughs are much less productive than real ones, though. It felt like I was an actor who was pretending to cough instead of a real person who was actually coughing. For one thing, I couldn’t feel my lungs in the dream. My mouth and throat were coughing, but my dream-lungs were not.

I’ve spent the last day wondering why dream-me had a mouth, a throat, and the urge to cough, but my mind couldn’t also come up with a suitable pair of lungs as well. If this was a story, I’d be very curious to know why it was written this way!

These are the odd things I think about when I’m sick.

What odd things have been bouncing around in your minds recently?

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