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Happy Memorial Day to my readers from the United States! I’m keeping this post short and sweet since I generally see a dip in traffic here on holidays.

A few times a year I like to respond to some of the more unusual search terms that have lead new readers to this blog. I’ve added punctuation marks in a few cases to make them easier to understand but have otherwise left the phrases or questions exactly as they appeared in my analytics.

Can’t forgive my friend for not telling me she was dying.

Some people are very private about medical matters. While I personally wouldn’t keep something that serious a secret, I can understand why someone would want to keep that sort of thing quiet.

Sickness and death are hard to deal with. You have to face your own grief before you can look at anyone else’s.

What should we do when our brother wants us to apologize when we are innocent.

Refuse to give in.

Why would you have a problem respecting elders?

I respect everyone equally. The idea of respecting someone more simply because they’ve lived longer than I have is extremely bizarre. By that logic, small children shouldn’t be respected at all.

I wish people that ever did me wrong would come and apologize so we can reconcile. 

I wish I knew why this person felt this way. I can forgive, but that doesn’t mean I’ll always also want reconciliation. Readers, what have been your experiences with this?

Forgiving your husband when he won’t stand up for what is right.

Do it from a distance. People who cave to that kind of pressure don’t change quickly. Often they won’t change at all.

 Cheating without an apology.

No, I do not recommend doing that at all.

How to forgive a bi-polar person without having a relationship.

Forgiveness can take a long time, and it isn’t something that can be rushed. In fact, rushing it makes it much less likely to ever happen. Be gentle with yourself. Anyone who doesn’t understand this can go kick rocks.

How to say or send a text to some one u offended. .e.g like your sister.

Keep it short and simple. Maybe you could say something like, “Happy Memorial Day!”

What is winter solstice and what affects you.

The winter solstice marks the shortest day of the year. It happens at the end of December.

How does it affect me? Well, I’m usually okay with the cold, dark days of winter by that point. I’m definitely not a fan of the commercialism or forced cheer of December, but I don’t mind the winter solstice itself.

It’s later on in January or February that I start really feeling restless and irritable.

C.G. Ayling – photo

C.G. is a friend of mine. He’s a good guy.

I feel like I might have borrowed one picture from his blog once to use here with his permission. It wasn’t a picture of him, though, and I don’t have the authority to give other people the right to use his stuff. You’ll have to contact him directly if you want to reprint his pictures.

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