Suggestion Saturday: April 5, 2014

Here is this week’s list of blog posts, poems, comic strips, and other tidbits from my favourite corners of the web.

I Think I Was a “Slut” in My 20’s via AwkwardGirlLA. This is a really interesting blog post about what women have to do in order to be considered “sluts.”

Close Call.  Funny stuff.

We Are Not Given a Good Life or a Bad Life. My thoughts exactly.

Narcissus via jdubquca. This feels like the perfect poem with which to celebrate the warm weather that’s finally arrived here in Toronto.

A Message From Narnia, to Those Still in the Dark. Longterm readers might remember how much I loved the Narnia books as a kid. What’s really interesting, I think, is to go back and reread books from your childhood. This poem references some of the messages in this series that are more applicable to adults than they (probably) are to younger readers.

From Green Sunday via joshuamneff:

in the heart of the heart of my head i found:

mosscovered bones & jewelled monsters

Part mystery, part sci-fi/fantasy, Just Gone follows Mother Angelique (who has dedicated her life to running a domestic violence shelter) and the two traumatized kids she takes in when their mother is accidentally murdered. During the course of figuring out how best to help Jamal and Chantay, Mother Angelique begins hearing them talk about Wacky Jacky. At first she thinks Jamal has invented this character in order to help him cope with the chaos and violence that has disrupted so much of his young life.

And then very strange things start happening when Jamal is around.

Mother Angelique’s unique voice is what lead me to recommend this book. She isn’t necessarily someone I’d like in real life, but I appreciate her no-nonsense attitude and lifelong commitment to helping people in crisis. Her straight-laced personality is also a great contrast to Jamal’s colourful stories about where Wacky Jacky comes from and what he does to adults who harm kids.


What have you been reading?

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