The Saga of Biorn

The Saga Of Biorn from The Animation Workshop on Vimeo.

A distant relative I’ve never actually met died a few months ago. Recently another family member gave us a copy of his funeral program. Over nine decades of life were summarized in a few short sentences. His birth, his marriage, his death.

Those three dates, while obviously important, cover an extremely small portion of his life.  As I read the program I wondered what had been left out about him. Not in a negative way at all, mind you. It was more a curiosity about all of those personality quirks and other minor details about any of us that tend to be slowly forgotten after we die.

This short film made me think of the legacy each one of us will leave behind when we die. There’s only so much control we have over when that happens, how it happens, and what others think of us after we’re gone.

Everything else I want to say about The Saga of Biorn contains spoilers, so please go watch it. I’d love to discuss the ending with someone!



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