Suggestion Saturday: July 29, 2017

Here is this week’s list of poems, essays, arguments, and other links from my favourite corners of the web.

The Phantom Traffic Jams via MBTTTR. I couldn’t agree with this more.

Telling Our Stories. As I mentioned two weeks ago, I discovered Lucille Clifton’s poetry earlier this month. Here is another wonderful selection from her catalogue. Don’t you love the way she assembles her words? It reminded me of the picture I included in today’s post.

How Eclipse Chasers Are Putting a Small Kentucky Town on the Map. What a fascinating article. How many of you in the United States are planning to see this eclipse, I wonder?

How We Really Tamed the Dog. A small number of foxes have been domesticated much faster than anyone thought was possible. This makes me wish I could go back in time and find out exactly how and when humans domesticated wolves. The first true dog must have been a wonderful creature.

Etobicoke “Park Stairs” Story is a Perfect Example of the Crass, Reactionary, Anti-Regulatory Nonsense That Lead to the Grenfell Disaster via ‪theleftchapter‬. I’m going to guess that my non-Canadian readers probably haven’t heard of Toronto’s recent controversy over a set of homemade stairs that a man built at a local park, but this blog post explains it well before diving into the author’s opinion on the matter. I thought all of you would find this interesting. I sure did.

What It’s Like Going to the Gym After Many (Many!) Years Away! via ‪SteffanyMR‬.I loved the message of this post.

Boys & DnD: The Second Session. Last week I linked to part one of these series. It sure sounds like my friend’s kids are enjoying this game a lot. Now I want to try Dungeons and Dragons someday. It seems like it would be a fun way to pass an evening.

From La Bestia:

A large plastic bag will keep you dry
during the heavy rain storms.

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