Suggestion Saturday: May 12, 2018

Happy Mother’s Day! I choose to believe that today’s picture is of a mother rabbit and her baby. Here is this week’s list of poems, blog posts, and other links from my favourite corners of the web.

Gay Dads on Mother’s Day via thegayadopter. This family adopted their children through foster care. I thought it was fascinating to see how they  handle the topic of Mother’s Day since the children no longer live with their biological mom and have two dads instead.

The Invisible Unmarried Mothers of Ireland. Fair warning: this link is a heartbreaking one.

My Mother, My Best Friend via ShilpaGupte1. What a beautiful tribute.

Mom – A Performance Review via MStenDeut. This was a very important list of questions for moms to ask themselves. If you’re my mom, know that you did an amazing job with your kids.

My MomZ via theotherblair. I’ve never met this blogger, but her relationship with her mom sounds so sweet.

Two Moms, One Ill Baby, and the Best Care. Fair warning: this one’s a tearjerker. (No, for anyone who is worried, the baby doesn’t die). I loved the final paragraph, though.

From Mother’s Day:

I passed through the narrow hills
of my mother’s hips one cold morning
and never looked back, until now, clipping
her tough toenails, sitting on the bed’s edge


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