Suggestion Saturday: May 25, 2013

Here is this week’s list of blog posts, secular saints, poems and other tidbits from my favourite corners of the web.

From Softly, Play Me via Fumanchucat:

I am the harp
in your hands

be schooled
be gentle

play me

Our Lady Of… Secular saints for geeks of all ages.

Depression, Exercise and Twitter. The same could be said for so many other diseases.  I really try to never judge other people’s lives based on the small slivers of information I’ve collected about them, and sometimes I actually succeed at it. 😉 Remember, what you find extraordinarily easy to accomplish or overcome might be one of my biggest hurdles (and vice versa)!

Trapped in a Bubble via StoryRoute. Cathryn has such a heartwarming blog. This particular link is actually a guest post by a man named Rick Hardman, and his final line is a must-read.

In Which Dippy Does Not Make New Friends.  My family once had a dog named Cubby who loved gnawing on carrots and rubbing his butt on the carpet.  Occasionally us kids would be attacked by a nefarious enemy that disguises itself as ordinary bubbles. Only Cubby could save us  every time they tried to lure us into their soapy little spaceships. Little did we know that his teeth were the only object in the universe capable of penetrating their destructive vessels.  😉 If reincarnation were real Cubby would almost certainly be living it up as Dippy the antisocial cat.

I’m a Trans woman and I’m Not Interested in Being One of the “Good” Ones. An interesting essay about the conflicting expectations society has of Trans women.

From Slender Man – We Made Him and His Family What They Are Today:

But the curious thing I heard about Slendy is that he may LITERALLY be created by the mind. That is, his popularity in the public consciousness is so great that he has become a thoughtform, a tulpa, that he was imagined into existence and now he is REAL….

Nope, I don’t really believe this fantastic stuff but the tales grow taller on down the line. Is it a case of an evolving creature that draws life blood from our minds? Sort of. He’s a meme(Dawkins, 1976, yes THAT Dawkins, invented the word ‘meme’), he does change to suit the environment. Thanks to existing mostly on the web, where he has replicated and been passed on, Slender Man has traveled all over the world.

This week I’m thrilled to recommend Daphne Purpus’ new book, A Year of Haiku. Daphne beautifully captures the small triumphs and setbacks of daily life. While a few poems deal with death, grief, chronic illness, and other serious topics, most are about living in the moment. I particularly loved her descriptions of the slugs and other animals that visit her yard.

Daphne gave me permission to print one of her poems here. I chose this one because it made me laugh:

the cat

stealing raw spinach

nearly a full moon.

What have you been reading?

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