Suggestion Saturday: September 29, 2012

Here is this week’s list of blog posts and other tidbits from my favourite corners of the web.

Your Greek Philosophy-Guru via Triangulations. Who is your Greek Philosophy-Guru? My results:

Your recommended philosophy-guru is PYRRHO OF ELIS.

Key fact: Pyrrho is traditionally known as the founder of the Sceptical school of philosophy.

Must have: Patience with yourself.

Key promise: Tranquillity born of suspending disbelief.

Key peril: Trying to hold onto little in life can be tough.

Most likely to say: “Don’t worry: be happy.”

Least likely to say: “There is an answer to everything.”

The Nicest Place on the Internet. Hugs for everyone.

An Email From the Year 2105. I suspect that those lucky enough to learn how to read and write in 2105 will communicate through letters. Email won’t exist.

Not Wanting Kids is Entirely Normal. Pressuring others into major life decisions is something I’ll never understand. I love married life but I realize that it isn’t for everyone and would never push anyone into it. One has to be committed to the idea in order for it to work out. The vast majority of the parents I know have the same attitude about raising kids.

We Are the Introverts. Good stuff.

In 1933 Joseph Gaston’s wife hemorrhages to death soon after giving birth to their youngest child. Now he’s struggling with unimaginable grief while raising four young children and attempting to find work during the worst economic crisis of the 20th century. Can he earn enough money to keep his family going? Read Dinner with Lisa to find out!

What have you been reading?


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4 Responses to Suggestion Saturday: September 29, 2012

  1. tammy

    Your recommended philosophy-guru is ARISTOTLE.

    Key fact: The star pupil of Plato.

    Must have: A desire to study the world and see what it reveals.

    Key promise: The good life, which comes from living a virtuous life.

    Key peril: The virtuous life can be tough.

    Most likely to say: “Everything has its proper place.”

    Least likely to say: “Science is where humanity went wrong.”

  2. tammy

    That introvert thing is great.

  3. Your recommended philosophy-guru is ZENO OF CITIUM.

    Key fact: He taught in a stoa, the Athenian supermarket, and hence founded the school of philosophy called Stoicism.

    Must have: An interest in everyday life, for it is there that you learn life’s big lessons.

    Key promise: An ability to face anything, no matter how disastrous.

    Key peril: To be “stoical” is to turn your back on passion.

    Most likely to say: “If you have integrity, no-one can harm you.”

    Least likely to say: “Forget prudence! It won’t help you anyway.”

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