Unsolicited Advice

Last night Drew and I took advantage of a good deal at a nearby pizza shop. Neither of us was in the mood to cook and it had been a while since we’d eaten at this particular restaurant.

We entered the closest subway station and while we were walking down the steps to our platform a man riding up the escalator called out, “Hey, is that pizza from xxxxx?” For SEO reasons I won’t mention the name of the restaurant but it is a chain with which most people are familiar.

“Yes,” Drew said.

“It’s not very good,” the man replied. Drew and I exchanged quizzical expressions and continued walking. I’ve had odd conversations on the subway before but this was the first time someone had ever shared a negative comment about our food.

Dinner, by the way, was delicious. The stranger and I must not share the same food preferences. 😉


How do you handle unsolicited advice?

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  1. one truth

    Is that a picture of the actual pizza? Wow, that looks tasty!

    Usually, I handle it like unsolicited mail… just a brief glance and then it’s in the trash. But sometimes, especially when it’s positive advice, I’ll pay attention. Like “Hey, have you tried the cheesecake here? Let me tell you, it’s a transcendental experience!”

    • Heh, no. It’s just a stock image I found online somewhere. I ate the real pizza too fast to snag a picture of it.

      I agree that positive advice is different. It can be nice to hear what someone else’s favourite dish is at a new restaurant.

  2. twyseschoch

    I laugh. They don’t know that I’m laughing at the absurdity of the situation. Often this confusion just causes them to stop talking. 🙂

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