Suggestion Saturday: September 6, 2014

Here is this week’s list of blog posts and other tidbits from my favourite corners of the web.

Question via STBeals. Rude? Maybe. (Although so was the original question). Effective? Yes.

15 Things You Don’t Owe Anyone At All (Though You Think You Do). This is great.

The Witness.  What I liked the most about this article was how it refused to make assumptions about what its readers thinks. A lot of sites would have trouble not making these assumptions based on how controversial the subject matter is in the U.S.

Life Looked Different 100 Years Ago via HistoryInPics. Who else is mesmerized by old photographs?

Tiny Humans Lost in the Majesty of Nature via purewhitemoly. When I was very young my parents used to take us on hikes through a nature preserve called Goll Woods. It’s one of the very few forests in Northwest Ohio that was never cut down by people when the white settlers showed up. Definitely check it out if your’e ever in the area. It’s a gorgeous place to visit, and I thought of how small it made me feel while scrolling through these pictures.

The Future of College. I hope this model takes off. The cost of a college degree is ridiculously overpriced these days.

From This Is Your Brain on Silence:

As the report explained, modern society often seems intolerably loud and busy. “Silence is a resource,” it said. It could be marketed just like clean water or wild mushrooms. “In the future, people will be prepared to pay for the experience of silence.”

Belle is the true story of the daughter of a slave whose white father acknowledged her as his child. She was raised alongside a cousin by her aunt and uncle in high society London.

It’s a short book in large part because history has forgotten many of the details of Belle’s life. What was preserved is incredible. It doesn’t shy away from the brutality her mother almost certainly experienced as a slave or how uncomfortable some people were with the way Belle was treated. This isn’t a book for people who want to forget the ugly parts of history.

For everyone else, though, this is an unforgettable glimpse into the life of a remarkable woman. From what I understand, it’s been made into a movie as well. I can’t wait to see it!

What have you been reading?

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  1. tammy

    1. “Trillions of people call planet earth home, ” …. Billions?

    2. That execution article was overwhelming.

    • Yes, I think that was a mistake.

      Did you finish the execution article? I had to skim the last page or two. It was too sad.

      I’m glad you liked the comic. 🙂

      • tammy

        Aaron read that there have been 100-115 billion people total alive on earth. I didn’t expect it to be that many.

        I read the whole article. It changes people forever when they work in these industries.

  2. tammy

    Oh … And that comic was awesome 🙂

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