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Introducing LydiaSchoch.com

Hello! I’m Lydia Schoch.

I wanted to formally introduce this blog and website to everyone.

The tabs at the top of this page will tell you about who I am as a person. They’ll also show you how to submit guest posts and where to find my books.

Today’s post is about this site in general.

What Is lydiaschoch.com about? 

Writing, science fiction, exercise, mindfulness, and the occasional funny story from my personal life.

Why isn’t there a contact form or comment section on this site?

While I deeply appreciated all of the real people who used them to reach out to me, the vast majority of the responses I received through those channels were from spammers and bots. It’s time for my inbox to stop being clogged up with suspicious links or garbled messages from pretty girls who think I’ll make a great husband. 😉

What is Suggestion Saturday?

Suggestion Saturday posts are a compilation of all kinds of stuff I’ve found online.

Typically they include at least some of the following things: poetry, comic strips, artwork, short sci-fi stories, or full-length articles about social issues that have caught my attention.

Three of the links in any given week come from folks I follow or have recently discovered on Twitter. It’s important to promote other people’s work, and this is such a fun way to do it.

If you have something that you’d like to see shared on a future Suggestion Saturday post, come tell me about it on Twitter. I’d love to check out what you’ve found.





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