The Bonsai Story Generator

This site rearranges the words of any text you feed into it.  Some of it’s sentences are gibberish, but others are pretty funny.

I gave it all of the written context of my last five posts here. This is the best of what it created:

There’s a friend’s cabin in that Cosmos TV show that has remained popular.

Now I stopped several deaths in so many different reasons: my mind. 

 but I would write “LOL” in a Universe of elderly

This is one year to me. 

I would like this instead of the actual news. 

swearing isn’t one of them but it’s a snowball fight or sweater

I also realize that this person I remember grieving over was placed on this blog. 

I have an elliptical orbit.

The last year, I know Christmas merchandise and terror.

I can tell that I don’t need to cook again for “earth-like” planets, but I stopped worrying about any of them


I’d love to know what it did with your words!


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  1. tammy

    Sounds like conversations I have with delusional patients 🙂

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