The Controversies of 2113


“The Moon Terraformed,” by Ittiz.

One of my favourite blogs, Paleofuture, shows us what people in the past thought life would be like in the future. Some predictions are quite accurate, others are laughable off the mark.

In the spirit of Paleofuture here are my predictions for the biggest controversies of 2113:

Should android-human relationships be legally recognized? How do you construct a fair marriage contract between a machine and person?

If dolphins have been granted human rights why not expand the same privileges to other animals?

Now that we have universal antibiotic resistance how do we keep the gravely ill alive? Is it ever worth performing surgery knowing that act carries serious risk of post-operative infections we can no longer treat?

Can humming a song without paying the appropriate royalty fees be considered a copyright breach?

Is it ethical to cut off someone’s Internet access if they can’t afford to pay for it? Isn’t the Internet as crucial to modern life as electricity or running water?

With new, fertile land opening up and settlers moving in should Antartica be chartered as her own country or function as a colony of an existing nation?


How would you answer these questions? What do you think will be the hot topics of 2113?

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  1. Aaron

    This is great! I think Antarctica should be its own country

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