The Things That Irritate Us


How I feel.

If we were in the same room right now and you didn’t know me exceptionally well, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell that my seasonal allergies have left me feeling a little grouchy today.

I’m pretty good at keeping this stuff under wraps.At most, you might wonder why I was suddenly even quieter than I usually am.

It’s bubbling under the surface, though.

As much as I enjoy the sight of flowers, bushes, and trees in full bloom, their pollen isn’t something my immune system agrees with.

I am beyond ready for autumn to truly begin now so I can stop sneezing. After a few nights of below-freezing temperatures, my sinuses and I will be good until spring.

This isn’t something that I generally spend a lot of time dwelling on, but today I’m itchy, annoyed, and uncomfortable.

Let’s talk about it.

What irritates you?

How do you handle these kinds of days?

Do you downplay them?

Do you only discuss the stuff that irritates you with certain people or at particular times?

Do you think you’re good at hiding it when you’re out of sorts?

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