There’s a Story in This Picture Somewhere…

pexels-photo-165561-largeWhat assumptions do you make when you look at this picture? Let your imagination run wild. I’d love to hear what you can come up with.

In the meantime, here’s is what I came up with:

The sepia tone makes me think that it all happened a very long time ago.

The spires look like something that would be added to the home of a wealthy family. You don’t normally see two of them placed so closely together, although the rest of the architecture reminds me of stuff I’ve seen on buildings from the 1800s.

The trees make me assume the property is rural and possibly quite isolated. I’m imagining a quiet and possibly lonely childhood in a house that was built to look after a much bigger family. Maybe this is a memory from someone who lost one or more relatives at a young age, or maybe the family has dwindled in size since the home was originally built generations ago.

The fact that the subject is looking at the home from what I assume is a spot in the woods is also interesting. Was there a small family graveyard out there that they liked to visit? Did they simply enjoy spending time in nature? Were they not allowed to remain indoors on nice days? Did they grow up to be an architect or an environmentalist thanks to their early experiences?

I’d like to think that they’ve finally been able to return to their childhood home and look at it with fresh eyes after a long and fulfilling life. Everything is smaller and slightly more worn down than they remember, but the spires are still as eye-catching as ever.

For a moment, they feel like a small child again in the best possible way.

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