Top Ten Tuesday: Books About Mardi Gras

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A pink mardi gras mask with purple, blue, and yellow feathers sticking out of it.Technically, today’s topic was “Purple, Yellow, and/or Green Book Covers in honour of Mardi Gras.”

I’ve written so many posts about book covers of various colours that I tweaked it to be “Books About Mardi Gras” instead.

They span a wide range of topics, from  recipes to history to even zombies!

1. Gay as Mardi Gras  by Lily Velden

2. No Mardi Gras for the Dead by D.J. Donaldson

3. The Baby Dolls: Breaking the Race and Gender Barriers of the New Orleans Mardi Gras Tradition by Kim Marie Vaz

4. Mardi Gras Indians by Michael P. Smith and Alan Govenar

5. Mardi Gras . . . As It Was by Robert Tallant

6. Confessions of a Bi-Polar Mardi Gras Queen by Marie Étienne

7. Design A Mardi Gras Parade: A Coloring Book by Mr. Sean Gautreaux

8. Mardi Gras Greats: Delicious Mardi Gras Recipes, the Top 79 Mardi Gras Recipes by Jo Franks

9. New Orleans Carnival Balls: The Secret Side of Mardi Gras, 1870-1920 by Jennifer Atkins

10. Mardi Gras Zombies  by Bart Gnarly


114 Responses to Top Ten Tuesday: Books About Mardi Gras

  1. I’m impressed, I couldn’t think of one book having to do with Mardi Gras… although that might be the big event at the end of King and the Dragonflies, but i forget

  2. Love how you switched it up! I had no idea there were such a wide range of books about Mardi Gras, but it is a pretty big celebration so I guess it makes sense.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. Great twist on today’s topic Lydia. I would never of guessed there would be so many books on Mardi Gras. I will pass on the Mardi Gras Zombies for sure.

  4. This was such an interesting take! I don’t really know much about Mardi Gras, it’s not a thing in the UK.

    Love me some Cajun food though so might have to check out the cook book!

  5. Okay,wow, do many Mardi Gras books! I didn’t even know there were books on Mardi Gras! I’ll definitely try picking up one of these 🤔 I am especially curious about No Mardi Gras for the Dead and Baby Dolls 🤔. Interesting titles and amazing post! 💖💕

  6. Interesting. I shouldn‘t have thought that there are this many books about Mardi Gras. But I guess if I checked out our Carnival in Germany, I would probably find lots of books about it at well. Which is what I will do in a bit… 🙂

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