Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Was SO EXCITED to Get, but Still Haven’t Read

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Black-and-white photo of books hanging from a glass ceiling by pieces of thick string.I have a confession to make: my eyes are bigger than my stomach and my TBR list.

That is to say, I have the tendency to put more food on my plate than I can actually eat and to gush about more books that i can realistically read if I don’t pay attention to what I’m doing.

This is even more true if we’re talking about books from highly-anticipated authors or places that serve dairy-free meals and desserts. When you have food allergies (or any other dietary restriction, I’m sure), you get used to not being able to eat a lot of delicious-looking foods that others enjoy without a second thought. It’s simply part of life.

When I get the rare chance to pick anything on the menu at a restaurant, I often have the urge to over-order because of how unusual this experience is. The same thing can be said for when there are more attention-grabbing books than I have hours in the day to read.

Here are some books I am still excited to read but haven’t actually picked up yet. I’ve mentioned all of them in previous seasonal TBR posts for Tio Ten Tuesday over the past few years.


City of Refugees: The Story of Three Newcomers Who Breathed Life Into a Dying American Town by Susan Hartman Book cover. image on cover is a drawing of buildings in a town.

1. City of Refugees: The Story of Three Newcomers Who Breathed Life Into a Dying American Town by Susan Hartman


The Trayvon Generation by Elizabeth Alexander Book cover. Image on cover shows a photo of a black child staring into the camera with a neutral expression on his face.

2. The Trayvon Generation by Elizabeth Alexander


Lakelore by Anna-Marie McLemore Book cover. Image on the cover shows drawing of two teens standing in a lake with leaves on their heads.

3. Lakelore by Anna-Marie McLemore











4. Ask: Building Consent Culture by Kitty Stryker











5. On the Come Up by Angie Thomas


Riot Baby by Tochi Onyebuchi book cover. Cover image is of a woman's face.

6. Riot Baby by Tochi Onyebuchi


Friendship: The Evolution, Biology, and Extraordinary Power of Life's Fundamental Bond by Lydia Denworth book cover. The only images on the cover are of stylized DNA strands lying on their sides at the top and bottom. They are behind green or blue backgrounds.

7. Friendship: The Evolution, Biology, and Extraordinary Power of Life’s Fundamental Bond by Lydia Denworth


Finna by Nino Cipri book cover. Cover image is of bent tubes and screws scattered around.

8. Finna by Nino Cipri


Book cover for Ghost Wood Song  by Erica Waters. Image on cover is of book title in the shape of curved pieces of wood.











9.Ghost Wood Song by Erica Waters


Book cover for Sara Seager's The Smallest Lights in the Universe. Image on cover is of an adult and two children walking outdoors at dusk.











10.The Smallest Lights in the Universe: A Memoir by Sara Seager


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86 Responses to Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Was SO EXCITED to Get, but Still Haven’t Read

  1. I’m lactose intolerant, so I totally know what you mean when you get excited when you can pick whatever you want off a menu (and eventually over indulge). The books on your list sounds interesting.

    Here is my TTT:

    Have a great week 🙂

  2. I like the look of City of Refugees. Hope you get around to it soon.

  3. Riot Baby is also still sitting on my shelf ever since I got it.

  4. Trayvon Generation looks interesting.

  5. If only we could read as fast as we add books to our TBR’s 😂 We will get to them one day. On the Come Up is also on my TBR!

  6. I was also ridiculously excited about On the Come Up and immediately scooped it up after it was released and yet it’s still sitting unread on my shelf! I hope you enjoy these books whenever you get around to picking them up 🙂

  7. I have food allergies as well so I totally get that. I hope you do enjoy these when you get a chance to read them.

  8. I hope you get to read and enjoy all of these soon!

  9. A healthy TBR pile is a secret to immortality, right? 🙂

    I know my eyes can get bigger than my reading stomach at times. Or I will put a ton of things on reserve and then they all hit at once!

    But these are good problems to have, right?

  10. My list also contains books I’ve mentioned in past Top Ten Tuesday post or TBR posts over the years! Hopefully we can get to them soon 🙂

  11. ON THE COME UP is one my reading list, too. Though I don’t own a copy of it. I like the author of Lake Lore though I haven’t anything about this book. Hope you get to some of these soon. My unread books

  12. On the Come Up is one that has been on my radar for a long time. Hope you enjoy it!

  13. I listened to On the Come Up. It was good. Hope you get to it soon.

  14. These all look so good! I hope you have time to read them soon.

  15. I haven’t read Lakelore yet either even though I preordered it! Hope you enjoy these when you get a chance to read them.

  16. My husband is deathly allergic to shellfish. He’s so allergic he can’t even walk in to some grocery stores because they don’t ventilate the air properly and the shellfish protein gets in the air and causes an anaphylactic response. We’re very limited where we can go because we have to be careful of cross-contamination.

    I may not have the dietary restrictions, but I get it, believe me. When we do find a restaurant that he can eat at, it’s like Christmas for him. 🙂

    I hope you enjoy all of these books when you get to them.

  17. What interesting choices. I’m going to look for City of Refugees.

  18. I need to add The Come Up to my TBR list!

  19. I buy books and underestimate the time I have to read them! It must be awful to have a food allergy. My partner is allergic to fish so if there is a buffet at a party (years ago now of course!) I will try things first ☺️ I am quite nervous about giving my son fish in case he is allergic. He is now 3 and hasn’t had any fish 😶

    • Yeah, food allergies aren’t fun at all.

      It’s nice that you taste things for your partner before they eat anything. I hope your son doesn’t develop any allergies.

  20. I 100% understand how you feel with the dietary restricted menus–seeing more than one barely-tolerable option on a menu turns me into a bug-eyed cartoon character over it, haha!

  21. Kappa

    Riot Baby was amazing!

  22. I am not familiar with most of the books on your list Lydia. I do have On The Come Up on my TBR. I hope you get a chance to read all of these and that you enjoy them.

  23. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on “Ask” when you get around to it. I’m not a person who enjoys people putting their hands out to me, and for whatever reason its made me the target of some pretty hate-filled jokes at work and I don’t know…Maybe I am a bit of a freak, but there’s no reason why people need to be so obnoxious.

  24. My husband has a nut allergy, so eating desserts out is not something we often do.

    I hope you enjoy reading these when you get the opportunity. And thank you for stopping by my blog earlier.

    Pam @ Read! Bake! Create!

    • You’re welcome.

      Yeah, I’ve heard nut allergies are tough. I didn’t realize nuts were so prevalent in desserts, though. I hope your spouse has all sorts of safe desserts at home.

      That’s what I do when I go out to eat. 🙂

  25. Lake Lore has an amazing cover! These do all look good, and I get the sentiment about eyes being bigger than the TBR!

  26. Finna is awesome – happy reading!

    Check out my TTT

  27. I enjoyed On the Come Up! I hope when you get around to it you enjoy it as well!

    I have Lake Lore checked out from the library now! The cover is so good I’d love to actually read that one.

  28. I have exactly the same problem with putting too many books on my plate. I have read Ghost Wood Song though, and I enjoyed it. 🙂

  29. I think anyone with an allergy or intolerance (like lactose in my case) totally understands your problem. Unfortunately, there are still people around who don’t understand us and think we shouldn’t make such a fuss. I know some people are a lot worse then me, at least I can order in most restaurants now and there are lots of alternatives with which I can make anything I would like to eat.

    So, I am very sorry to hear you have a dairy intolerance, as well. I will think about you the next time I see something that is bad for both of us. Hugs.

    Thanks for visiting my TTT this week which contains some pretty old books.

    • That is sad but true!

      And thank you for your kind words, Marianne. I look forward to chatting with you every week on Top Ten Tuesday~ 🙂

  30. Jo

    I’ve not read any of these, but I hope you enjoy them all whenever you do get to them.

  31. My eyes are bigger than my TBR list, too… Finna is the only one of these that I have read, and I really enjoyed it. I hope you like it when you get to it!

    Happy TTT on a Wednesday! (my post)

  32. I still have not read On The Come Up!

  33. I listened to the audiobook of On the Come Up and thought it was pretty good.

  34. On the COme Up and the Hate U Give could have been on my list too.

  35. I fall into the “hype” trap of a book too often! I feel like I’m getting better and better generally, but it still happens, and isn’t unlike the whole restaurant experience or a yummy dessert. Just happens sometimes. 🙂

  36. I hope you’ll enjoy all of these when you get to them!

  37. On the Come Up is so good! I hope you enjoy it when you get to it 🙂

  38. I listened to the audiobook of On the Come Up and it was really well done! I hope you enjoy it whenever you get around to reading it 🙂

  39. Lake Lore sounds absolutely amazing, I’m adding it to my list!!

    I didn’t get to read On The Come Up as part of my school book club last year as they ran out of copies, but my friends didn’t seem to love it that much, in fact one of them really hated it, which is interesting!

    I hope you get to read all of these books soon!! Thank you so much for all your support with my blog!

    Zoë x


    • You’re welcome, Zoe!

      I hope you like Lake Lore. Do you think you’ll give On the Come UP a shot? I know I get a little wary about books that my good friends really disliked. I generally give them a shot, though, unless folks mention a few very specific things that I really don’t like to read about.

  40. I’ve seen on the come up on in a few people’s list.. Looks like we’re all guilty of that one, strangely. 😅

  41. I hope you get to read these soon.

  42. “I have a confession to make: my eyes are bigger than my stomach and my TBR list.”

    LOL what a mood! I feel you. Riot Baby is one I can’t believe I haven’t read yet, too!

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