Top Ten Tuesday: Books I’d Gladly Throw Into the Ocean

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Aerial shot of blue ocean waves Content warning: abusive relationships. Scroll past my first answer if you’d rather not read about that topic for any reason.

I’m a patient and forgiving reader in general. There are very few books out there that I have no patience for and will not provide links to here.

The Books: The Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer

Why I’d Toss It: I was in an abusive relationship when I was a teenager, and it was really painful. There were so many red flags in Bella and Edward’s relationship that I couldn’t keep reading and can’t recommend this series to anyone.


The Book: The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

Why I’d Toss It: Look,I completely agree that having a positive and optimistic attitude is a good thing in general. Anyone who follows me on Twitter will see how perky I usually am! Unfortunately, I’ve observed a lot of ugly victim blaming coming from the idea that terrible things happen to people because they entertained the wrong thoughts. Not every tragedy in life can be prevented. I believe in loving and supporting people when they’re at their lowest points instead of coming up with reasons why they deserved it.


The Book: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Why I’d Toss It: All of the characters were awful human beings. They all had the time and money to become better people and yet refused to do so. I do not have the patience to read about folks like that, but I won’t judge anyone who does. This was simply a case of my moral code clashing so strongly with theirs that I couldn’t get into the plot at all.


The Book: Anything written by Donald J. Trump

Why I’d Toss It: He’s Trump.


The Book: The Land of Painted Caves by Jean M. Auel

Why I’d Toss It: I loved the Earth’s Children series, but the final book in it was nonsensical at best. It destroyed character arcs, ignored thousands of pages of foreshadowing and plot development, and refused to answer the majority of the questions the audience had been carrying around for years.


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  1. There are certainly a lot of red flags (on both sides to be honest) in Bella and Edwards relationship. The older I become the more I realize that. I’m sorry though that it triggered you that much. Hugs.

  2. I’ve read the Twilight Saga, but then I was just about fed up with it and definitely don’t want it on my shelves!

    Yes, all the characters in The Great Gatsby were a piece of work for sure. But I’ll still keep my copy on the shelf.

    Happy TTT!

    Ten Books I’d gladly throw into the ocean (for the mermaids to read)

  3. So The Land of Painted Caves was pretty much season 8 of Game of Thrones?

    I agree with the Trump books! I just really found it funny/sad how he has “written” a book about how to get rich. I doubt he actually knows how to run a business.

    There’s just something so off about Twilight – it doesn’t seem healthy.

    Great list!

  4. I’m not much into fantasy stories, so I never read “Twilight” but I can see that this disturbs you if you have experienced something like that yourself. I was very sorry to read that.

    Gatsby, well, the story gives us a good basis for a discussion about society and its changes (or lack thereof) but Fitzgerald has a special way of writing, not for everyone (including myself). I agree about the people, not a single nice person in the whole book.

    As to #44+1, enough said about the subject, good riddance. And I would never read anything by him.

    Thanks for visiting my TTT earlier.

    • You’re welcome. Thanks for your kind words.

      I’m glad other people enjoy Gatsby! Not every book will appeal to every person by any means. 🙂

  5. Sorry to hear about your experience with Twilight, that’s terrible that happened to you. Absolutely agree with Trump. But I strangely enjoyed Gatsby when I read it, I can definitely understand why people don’t though.

    Thank you very much for visiting my TTT earlier.

    – Books and bouquets

  6. Nice list! It’s definitely disappointing when the final book in a series is a let-down, I can see why you would want to rid yourself of a book in that case. I don’t read YA too much anymore but I do think back and wonder at how the relationships were written in so many of them, especially considering the intended audience.

  7. I agree on books by the Cheeto and Twilight! Fun post.

  8. Ohmigosh Earth’s Children. I LOVED those books as a teenager, and I remember waiting so patiently for book ?five (the one where they finally get back to Jondalar’s homeland) and then wanting to hurl it against the wall – specifically, the bit where the women of Jondalar’s tribe (and his ex??) all started picking on Ayla like US teen high school drama llamas. I never finished it (or the series) and you’ve just made me really glad! I’d have been incredibly frustrated to plough through all the pages for them not to deliver on the hints and promises and character. Sheesh.

    • Yeah, book five had it’s issues as well. That plot line didn’t make any sense at all. LOL. You didn’t miss anything by skipping the last book.

      What was your favourite book in that series in general? I thought The Valley of Horses was well done.

  9. I really, really hated the Twilight series. I only read it because a son’s girlfriend loved it so much. Happily, girlfriend is now an ex.

  10. I never really thought about the aspects of Twilight that were abusive. I guess was too bored with everything going on to really notice.
    But looking back, on what I remember, there are a lot of things in that series that are abusive, from Jacob as well.

  11. Definitely agree on anything by Trump!

  12. Not a fan of The Secret or Donald Trump books either.

  13. I haven’t read it myself, but I’ve seen the Twilight series on a bunch of lists this week. I guess that makes me glad I never picked them up.

    My TTT:

  14. I’m with you on the Trump books! XD

  15. Your number four is very hard to disagree with, haha!

  16. I totally agree with any Trump books! I did not read the Twilight series, I guess I am too old to enjoy the teenage angst and after reading your comment, I am glad I didn’t. Great list Lydia.

  17. When I look back at reading Twilight when I was at school I just cringe so hard knowing how mindlessly I consumed those books. I’m so sorry that it was so triggering for you. I would definitely chuck them into the ocean as well!

  18. Agree about anything written by Trump. The Twilight series is definitely full of so many red flags.

  19. Yes, this is a great list! Twilight absolutely made it onto my list, and I completely forgot how much I dislikedThe Secret.

  20. “The Book: Anything written by Donald J. Trump

    Why I’d Toss It: He’s Trump.”

    *nods* Yeah, pretty much.

    I totally agree with you about The Great Gatsby, I had no sympathy for anyone, and it was really hard having to read and analyze it for school. I didn’t mind the writing, or even the very obvious metaphors… but my god, the characters.

  21. Why I’d Toss It: He’s Trump. 😂

  22. Great post! Not that I own anything by Trump, but if I did, it would definitely be tossed. I never enjoyed The Great Gatsby, and have mostly blocked it from my memory. Twilight… well, I was as hooked as anyone at the time, but even so, the relationship is so problematic in so many ways, and it’s sad to think how many teen girls romanticized it.

  23. I really wasn’t a fan of The Greaty Gatsby, either. I’ve only read the first book in the Earth’s Children series and have been meaning to continue on, but I’ve heard some of the subsequent/last books have the issues you mention. Also very much agree on the Trump front!

    • I’m glad you agree!

      The second and third Earth’s Children books are pretty good if you want to keep going. The fourth book was okay, and I can’t recommend the last two.

  24. I remember really being sucked into the Twilight series but looking back yes, very problematic. Actually I only read two of the books and that was more than enough. And, right there with you on the Trump books. Good grief what a waste of paper I’m sure those are! Now Gatsby I did like but totally see your point about the characters!

  25. I’ve heard much the same thing at other times about the Great Gatsby- that it’s hard to really like anyone in that book. And Twilight as well, about the relationships, even though I know they’re popular.

    “He’s Trump.” lol.

    That’s interesting about Auel’s books because I’ve always kinda been interested in those due to the prehistoric element. That’s a bummer it ended that way!

  26. I have never been able to finish The Great Gatsby. I just could never get into it at all. And your Trump answer cracked me up! So true!

  27. There were some really creepy aspects of Twilight, although I did enjoy the story overall.

    I’m not sure what Trump would have to offer in a book. I don’t care about his life’s story, his multiple bankruptcies tell me he doesn’t know how to run a business… I don’t know what he has to say that I would value.

    • I know Trump has written a business book or two. That fact confuses me.

      And I’m glad you found things to like in Twilight. I wasn’t trying to put the rest of it down. Just very disturbed by storylines that glorify abuse!

  28. Ha! Agree on Gatsby, what a bunch of insufferable people. Speaking of insufferable…..Trump. I don’t actually believe he wrote anything, but I’d never touch anything with his name on it.

  29. When I was teaching 5th grade I wrote to Scholastic and complained about Twilight being promoted in a flyer for that age group! I feel about Outlander the way you feel about Twilight…to me it condoned physical abuse of women. 😫

  30. The Secret! Omg totally forgot about it. Could’ve included it on my list. 😅

  31. “Anything written by Donald J. Trump” LOL! I’m 100% in agreement with you on this one. Can we fling him into the ocean too?

  32. Interesting list! I did nit pick up on the red flags in Twilight, but it‘s been 15 years or so since I read them. Experiences change a lot over time — I am always very hesitant to re-read book that are far in the past. I loved Anne McCaffrey‘s Dragonriders and was amazed during a recent re-read of the first trilogy, how much the treatment of women bothered me.

  33. Ha ha. I’d definitely avoid anything written by Trump – Tweets, books, rants, ANYTHING. Ugh. He’s the worst.

    Happy TTT (on a Wednesday)!


  34. I’ve never read Twilight but I’ve heard enough about it I know I don’t want to! 😛 Also it helped inspire Fifty Shades of Grey, which apparently also contains abusive behavior. Ick!

    I did enjoy The Great Gatsby but more as sensational fiction and a warning of What Not To Do, haha. It does seem overrated compared to This Side of Paradise (Fitzgerald) or The Razor’s Edge by W. Somerset Maugham.

    • It’s good to know that Fifty Shades of Grey had the same problem.

      What did you like most about This Side of Paradise and/or The Razor’s Edge?

  35. I have only read the Twilight series in your list and agree with your thoughts on them
    My Oceanic Reads

  36. Man, the great gatsby is one of my all-time favorite classics… but yes, I agree all of the characters aren’t the best of people and Daisy is frustrating the most so I could see why someone wouldn’t like it but this is also what the author wanted you to feel towards them. He wanted you to see how rich people can be bland in personality and just awful at times.

  37. Your reasoning for “anything written by Trump” killed me lol. I love it. Love this post.

  38. I didn’t ever read Twilight, and really have no interest, but I guess I also didn’t realize there was abuse. That’s certainly not my cup of fiction-reading tea. Thanks so much for the visit to Finding Wonderland on this week. 🙂

  39. I have the same problem with Twilight. I wasn’t in an abusive relationship, thankfully (and I’m sorry to hear that you were), but I know several teens who loved that book who ended up finding their own “Edward” and then ended up in abusive relationships and wondered why, despite everyone warning them about all the red flags. I don’t begrudge anyone who likes the book (goodness knows I enjoy my share of unhealthy romances). I’m just put off by the amount of teens who read the book and think it’s the type of relationship to shoot for.

    • Thank you, Sammie. I’m sorry to hear you’ve known so many people who got the wrong message from that series.

      No judgement of people who like Twilight in general, I just don’t want anyone to use it as a model for what a healthy relationship looks like.

  40. Oh Trump…absolutely agree.

    And Twilight definitely should not be used as any guide for relationships!

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