Top Ten Tuesday: Books with My Favorite Color on the Cover

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Purple crocuses growing in a grassy field. They are gorgeous and vibrant little flowers. Purple is my favourite colour. Specifically, I prefer the darker and richer shades of this colour, although light purple can be pretty as well.

I originally tried to whittle down this list to books I’ve read that have purple covers, but there weren’t enough of them to continue down that path.

Therefore, I’m including books I have not read yet as well.

If you’ve read any of them, I’d love to hear your thoughts on them!



Book cover for King Lear by William Shakespeare. Image on cover is dark purple and contains abstract lines that vaguely look like the edges of an antique book.










1. King Lear by William Shakespeare


Book cover for Swoon (Swoon, #1) by Nina Malkin. Image on cover shows a portion of the face of a young white woman who is lying down and looking up at something. Her eyes are shut and her lips are barely parted as if she were about to say something. The top three-quarters of this image shows a leafless tree against a dark purple background.










2. Swoon (Swoon, #1) by Nina Malkin


Book cover for Dead to the World (Sookie Stackhouse, #4) by Charlaine Harris. Image on cover shows a drawing of the main character, a young blonde white woman, being carried through the night sky by a Flying Vampire as a gigantic full moon looms behind them. They are floating over a graveyard.










3. Dead to the World (Sookie Stackhouse, #4) by Charlaine Harris


Book cover for Caribbean Cruising by Rachel Hawthorne. Image on cover shows a drawing of a cruise ship in the distance. There is also a series of white dots that have been arranged into the shape of a heart on the lower portion of the cover. The heart covers most of the space and is the first thing the eye is drawn to when looking at this.










4. Caribbean Cruising by Rachel Hawthorne


Book cover for The Alchymist's Cat (The Deptford Histories, #1) by Robin Jarvis. Image on cover show a drawing of a spirit grabbing the shoulders of an irritated orange cat. The cat is looking behind itself in shock that will probably soon turn to grumpiness. Beware, spirit!










5. The Alchymist’s Cat (The Deptford Histories, #1) by Robin Jarvis


Book cover for .Rejected Princesses: Tales of History's Boldest Heroines, Hellions, and Heretics by Jason Porath. Image on cover shows a drawing of a gold-covered object that has a purple crown carved into it. The edges of the object are curled into loops and swirls. The background of this piece is the same colour as the little crown.










6.Rejected Princesses: Tales of History’s Boldest Heroines, Hellions, and Heretics by Jason Porath


Book cover for I See/You Mean by Lucy R. Lippard. Image on cover is a drawing of dozens of little golden wavy lines against a dark purple background. They remind me of ripples in a pond or of how some tree branches stick out in various directions from the tree. I do not know if either of these interpretations are what the artist intended viewers to think about, though.







7. I See/You Mean by Lucy R. Lippard


Book cover for The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison. Image on cover shows a drawing of a young black girl wearing a red sweater and sitting next to a window. Her back is a little hunched as if she were sad or uncertain. She is not looking out the window but straight ahead of her at the wall.










8. The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison


Book cover for Loveless by Alice Oseman. Image on cover is a black and white drawing of a person with chin-length straight har looking down at a heart in their hands. The heart is releasing dozens of tiny little hearts into the world. This is set against a light purple background.










9. Loveless by Alice Oseman


Book cover for The Amateurs (The Amateurs, #1) by Sara Shepard. Image on cover shows drawing of two people looking down at the purple ground beneath them. The shadow of a third person looms into the scene as well. The title is shaped to look like fingerprints.










10. The Amateurs (The Amateurs, #1) by Sara Shepard


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52 Responses to Top Ten Tuesday: Books with My Favorite Color on the Cover

  1. Great list this week, Lydia! I’ve read a few of the books on your list – The Bluest Eye is outstanding (I’d expect nothing less from Toni Morrison) and Dead to the World (but that was a long time ago), but I remember that I really liked the series.

    All the others are new to me, but I can’t resist a good purple book cover since it’s my favorite color too!

  2. Oh, hey fellow purple lover! 💜 It’s my fave too and I love all the ones you’ve chosen. I’ve got Loveless on my shelf but that cover for The Amateurs and The Bluest Eye are beautiful too. Great picks!

  3. Stephen @ Reading Freely

    These are all beautiful! I can’t quite choose a Favorite Color, but purple is in the top five.

  4. Purple is a popular color this week! I’ve seen a few feature it as their favorites. It does have that regal look that makes a cover stand out. 🙂 Once upon a time I feel like I read about Sara’s novel, but never added a copy to my shelf, though I know she was (still is?) a super popular author! Thanks so much for visiting my website today.

  5. Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

    I’ve read several by Alice Oseman but have not picked up Loveless yet.

  6. I have Rejected Princesses on my wishlist since forever, i remember following the author on FB a few years ago and he posted about amazing and underrated women

  7. I used purple covers this week too ( but I don’t think we duplicated any books! There’s so many great covers out there. 🙂

    I haven’t read it yet, but Rejected Princesses is also on my TBR. It looks really fun! I should read it soon.

  8. I loved Loveless and it’s such a pretty cover too!

  9. The Rejected Princesses series is such fun! I have that one and the ‘mothers’ spin-off.

  10. There is something really eye-catching when it comes to darker purple book covers. I haven’t read any of these, but I hope you do if you pick them up.

  11. Gorgeous picks! I love purple. Happy Tuesday!

  12. Joanne

    Loving the purple 💜

  13. Purple is a popular color this week. Love your list. King Lear is on my list of classics to read. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Nice purple covers! I’ve read the first in the Charlaine Harris series.

  15. What pretty shades of purple

  16. I’m planning to read Loveless this month, and I’m very intrigued by Rejected Princesses as well! What a gorgeous list!

  17. Love your purple choices, purple is always a colour that stands out so well.

    Dead to the World is my favourite in that series.

  18. Purple <3 I have not read Loveless, but really want to!

  19. I haven’t read any of these books, but Loveless is on my TBR list. These are some nice covers.

  20. Purple has been a popular pick today! It’s not one of my personal favorites, but it definitely catches my eye when I see it used on book covers. You picked some great examples.

    Happy TTT!


  21. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my post (, even though I posted my least favourite one.

    Your list looks lovely. I quite like the selection of purple books. I haven’t read any of them but got “The Bluest Eye” recently, so will hopefully get to it soon.

  22. Beautiful! The King Lear cover is really striking — simple and vibrant.

  23. ahhh I remember when The Amateurs first came out and everyone was obsessed because the PLL hype was still going. That being said, I just realized I never actually read this series 😂

    In any case, happy TTT!

  24. These are pretty covers. I don’t read many books with purple covers.

    Have a great week!

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