Top Ten Tuesday: Dynamic Duos

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Two identical windows in the side of a building. Each window is comprised of eight small panes. The bottom left pane of glass on the right window is opened. All others are closed. This week’s prompt made me pause and think for a little while. My first reaction to it was that I don’t read many books with dynamic duos, but I think that impression wasn’t entirely correct now that I’ve had a chance to ponder it further and dig deeply into my bookish past.

Here are some of my favourite duos in fiction.

1. Sam and Frodo in The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien

2. Travis and Old Yeller in Old Yeller by Fred Gipson

3. George and Lennie in Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

4.   Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn in  The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain

There weren’t many of them, and oddly enough they were all about white men (or hobbits). I’ll be eagerly reading all of your answers to diversify my list as I hadn’t realized I had this blind spot!

Honestly, I think being able to pick each other’s minds like that and expand all of our horizons is one of the best parts of Top Ten Tuesday.


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  1. Sam and Frodo are he ultimate duo. Great post! Have a great reading week.

  2. These are all excellent choices. Tom and Huck. George and Lennie. Sam and Frodo. Travis and Old Yeller.

    Makes me think of Old Dan and Little Ann from Where the Red Fern Grows…

  3. Such fabulous choices! Sam and Frodo are definitely the ultimate duo.
    Have a great reading week!

  4. Tom and Huck! I was just commenting on another blog that I skipped this week but then thought of all kinds of great picks seeing peoples’ posts! Tom and Becky came to mind… I like your Tom and Huck.

  5. Ah, yes! Sam and Frodo are one of the ultimate duos 😍 Great picks, Lydia!

  6. Sam and Frodo are definitely a top tier duo!

  7. These are all fantastic choices.

  8. I don’t know #2, but all the others are so good, yes! Great list

  9. Sam and Frodo are a great choice for sure. The only one I could think of at the time I sat down to write this week’s post was Calvin and Hobbes, so I did a quote post this week instead.

    My TTT:

  10. I also had to think a lot for my list and then I had too many to choose from! I like your picks though 🙂

  11. Sam and Frodo, definitely! Ditto Travis and Old Yeller. Classic. My post:

  12. Great choices for dynamic duo’s.

  13. Great list! I’m going to have to give Tolkien another shot at some point.

  14. Great choices! I’m eager to read all the lists this week! Such a fun prompt!

  15. Hi Lydias…we were obviously thinking along similar lines. Sam and Frodo, Tom and Huck were pretty obvious. I’m glad someone else picked George and Lennie. Cheers

  16. I didn’t do this topic because I couldn’t really think of anything either. I felt if I did it my focus would be too narrow.

  17. Tom & Huck. How could I forget about them? What a great list. Thanks for sharing and for visiting my blog.

  18. George and Lennie? You really going to make me cry on a Tuesday.

  19. I wasn’t sure I could come up with any dynamic duos of my own, hence the reason I twisted the topic.

    Thanks for stopping by earlier!

    Pam @ Read! Bake! Create!

  20. All classics! Not sure what duo I’d go for from classics. Maybe Anne and Diana!

  21. Oh George and Lennie. I did that book at school. Still makes me sad 😶

  22. I love seeing Sam and Frodo on so many lists.

  23. I’ve seen Sam and Frodo on a lot of lists this week! They seem a very popular pick.

  24. Travis and Old Yeller, excellent choice!

  25. Not many, but what a punch they pack! Good job

  26. Lauren

    That’s a great list! I love a good LOTR duo!

  27. Wow! These are great iconic duos. 🙂

  28. Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn are awesome!

  29. Sam and Frodo are popular choices this week and aaah – old Yeller…!! Sniff sniff…

    Thanks for visiting us yesterday!

  30. Sam and Frodo as well as Tom and Huck are great choices!! Here is my TTT: Top Ten Twos Day: 22 Wonderful Books With Titles Featuring Duos (of a sort!)

  31. I struggled to come up with anything! The phrase dynamic duties just had me thinking of crime fiction of which I don’t read a lot so I was stumped after two which I thought would be a pathetic basis for my post 😜

  32. Love the Old Yeller pick! I almost considered doing human-and-dog partners for this one, mostly for an excuse to browse through all my obscure dog book faves from 50+ years ago, but I’d definitely throw in Shiloh.

  33. I TOTALLY FORGOT SAM AND FRODO! How on earth did I totally forget Sam and Frodo???????

  34. You can never go wrong with Sam and Frodo!

  35. Great list. I haven’t thought about them in ages but I always loved Sam and Frodo and Lennie and George.

  36. Sam and Frodo will always be one of my favorite dynamic duos 🙂

  37. Sam and Frodo is an eternally fantastic choice! 😀

  38. While I’ve heard of lots of yours on this week, I haven’t really met them in books or films. But they’re very familiar and I know many love them. 🙂 Thanks so much for visiting Finding Wonderland on this week, Lydia; apologies for the delay in visiting here!

  39. I think duos are definitely more prevalent in kids books than in adult fiction! I wonder why that is? I wouldn’t mind more epic duos like Sam and Frodo!

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