Top Ten Tuesday: Favourite Places to Read

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This was one of those prompts that I was able to rapidly answer. There are so many incredible places to read in this world!

Here are my favourite spots to do so.

A photo of Toronto’s skyline from Toronto island.

This isn’t my photo, but it does show how pretty Toronto is from the Toronto Islands.

1. At home in bed and right before bedtime. It’s a nice way to unwind and get ready to sleep.

2. While sitting on a bench at the park. (This generally doesn’t happen in the damp heat of the summer or the deep chill of the winter, though, for obvious reasons).

3. On a bench at the mall while waiting for my spouse to finish chatting with acquaintances.

4. After ordering at a restaurant.

5. In waiting rooms of any size, especially if I’m a little nervous about the appointment.

6. In an airplane seat after we’ve landed. There are certain portions of the flying experience that I honestly don’t enjoy very much at all, so reading is a lovely distraction while other passengers try to be the first ones off the plane. It’s more relaxing to walk off the plane without all of that jostling anyways.

7. With small children who enjoy having the grownups in their lives read aloud to them.

8. While waiting for the ferry to and from the Toronto Islands.  I like to look around at the beautiful Lake Ontario scenery when I’m actually on the ferry, but the wait to board it is generally long enough to get at least a chapter or two of reading time in.

9. When I’m peopled out. That is to say, I’m deeply introverted and also a little socially anxious at times. I love socializing, but there does come a time when I need to be alone and recharge. Reading is one of the ways I do exactly that.

10. In quiet reading rooms. My local libraries honestly aren’t all that quiet most of the time, but I have found a few other quiet places to read as well as figured out the best branches and times to try the library if other options don’t work out well.


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  1. Aaah I love the “with small children” one. There is something special about reading to the little ones! I think bed is the one place that all readers will choose as a favorite destination.

    Happy TTT!

    Elza Reads

  2. I enjoy flying, and reading while flying is an ideal experience for me.

  3. Lovely list – very similar to my own: my favourite place is reading to my daughter at her bedtime, even if it is not my book we read (although we share similar tastes!)
    These are the places you would normally find me reading!

  4. I feel #9 deeply. I get people out quite easily (sad to say) and I definitely need that quiet time to pull away and recharge.

    Here’s my TTT Post

  5. Hello, fellow introvert. I easily get peopled out. My audiobooks really help me when I’m out in public – makes my brain focus on something other than the people around me 🙂

  6. I love reading while we’re flying cos it helps the time to pass so much quicker and I also love reading in airports (when I’m not people watching lol)! Also, definitely love reading when I’m peopled out. I also find it’s a great “excuse” that they can’t really argue against, haha! Great list 🙂

  7. Reading is the best distraction when we’re either happy or nervous.

  8. I’d have chosen a lot of the same places! Never could read in bed until I bought myself a wedge pillow. Makes all the difference.

  9. Great list! I agree, there are times when the situation is too peopley, and a book is the perfect escape.

    My TTT:

  10. I love your list and share so many of your preferences! That’s so true about reading while others rush to get off the plane! I’ve done that!

  11. Great list. Waiting rooms and Airplanes! I forgot those on my list!

  12. I didn’t think of waiting rooms. I definitely do that. Especially given how long I have to wait at the doctors sometimes.

  13. Great list! While reading on a plane isn’t one of my favorite places, it is highly effective at making the flight pass quickly, so I can get to the fun part of the trip! And I never head to a doctor’s appointment without a book in my purse.

  14. I like to read in waiting rooms, too. It calms me.

  15. All of these are great choices, and I have to agree with you, Toronto looks gorgeous in that photo!

  16. I absolutely relate to recharging with reading–not just from people, but life in general. It’s such a blessing to be able to spend time in another world. Great list!

  17. I didn’t put this but I’m introverted and read at gatherings sometimes as well.

  18. I totally forgot about the park! I love reading there. Such a serene and relaxing place. Our park has an area for hammocks too. I always see people bring theirs and lay & read. I need to try that sometime!

  19. I don’t fly often, but I love that idea. I used to be one of those people trying to get off the plane, like I was in the Amazing Race. Now I wait, so reading sounds good.

  20. Sounds like you’re like me (and I’m sure many other avid readers) and you always have a book with you and will read any time you have to wait more than 30 seconds for something. I love it!

  21. Toronto looks nice. And I love falling asleep after some nice reading. 🙂

    Same here with being peopled out.

  22. A great list! I have wanted to go to the Toronto Islands, but the last time I had the chance (like 5 years ago), the wait at the Quay was like 2 hours. Hubby and I decided to walk the waterfront.

    When you get the chance, I hope you stop by my post:

    • Oh, what a shame. Yeah, the lines for it can be really long, especially on weekends or nice summer days. I go as early in the day as possible so the lines will be shorter.

  23. I love this list! Reading before bed is a great way to get sleepy and I love the idea about reading on planes while waiting for everyone to get off. I haven’t read in a restaurant but I’d love to go solo to a restaurant and try

  24. I love your list! I always read before bed — and as a fellow introvert, I absolutely crave quiet reading time, alone, when I’ve been around other people for too long.

  25. All good places. I always say, everywhere is a great place to read.

    My TTT.

  26. Waiting rooms is one that I love – especially when you see everyone else looking really bored as they wait. I get really annoyed if I get to see my consultant on time (they’re normally running at least an hour behind) as it means that I have to cut my reading session short.

  27. I love your small children one! I do quite enjoy reading with my kids at night, and some of their books are some of my favorite to read. I also can deeply appreciate the “peopled out” comment. I very easily get tired of socializing and share your characteristic of having some social anxiety. I desperately need that recharge time sometimes.

  28. What a great list. If I read at night, I read all night. I prefer after waking up and before having to get moving. Being retired lets me do that, my wife is another story.

  29. Great answers! I love #7 especially. When my kids were little, I loved having them all gather around for bedtime stories. It just felt nice having them all snuggled up next to me, engrossed in the book I was reading to them.

    Happy TTT (on a Wednesday)!


  30. Reading while sitting on a bench at the park is great when the weather’s nice. ☀

    Here’s my TTT list.

  31. Great list. I turn to reading when I’m “peopled out” too. It’s such a great way to recharge and reset.

  32. I feel that about the peopled out thing.

    Thanks for visiting my blog earlier.

  33. Before bedtime is a great one, the only disadvantage: I keep nodding off..

  34. I hear you on every single one of these! Particularly the plane, reading with kids, waiting rooms and being peopled out. I’ve been known to go to the bathroom and just sit on the edge of the tub and read a couple of chapters on my phone if I’m feeling overwhelmed!

  35. I love reading on a bench outside somewhere, too! I love that you highlighted with children reading aloud to them. That’s always a great place to read.

  36. Definitely agree with reading when peopled out – it helps me so much too!
    Also, yes to reading in an airplane after it lands – it always baffles me how people can’t wait to get off the plane and rush each other – it’s much nicer when you can get off the plane without other people rushing you.

  37. Donna @Momsbookcollection

    So many great places to read!

  38. Number 7 was such a fabulous answer. I’m a children’s librarian so I can relate.

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