Top Ten Tuesday: Favourite Places to Read

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This week’s prompt was “Books That I Refuse to Let Anyone Touch.” I was hopelessly stumped by it, so I decided to do one of the first Top Ten Tuesday prompts instead. This one is from almost a decade ago, long before I had any clue that Top Ten Tuesday even existed.

Favourite Places to Read

Underneath Trees

My family lived near a forest when I was in middle school.  Sometimes I’d ride my bike to the edge of the forest and read underneath one of the big trees just off of the official bike path. It was incredibly peaceful.

I still occasionally go to the park for this purpose today. There’s nothing like hearing leaves rustling and squirrels or other small animals chattering while you read.

On an Airplane

Flying makes me nervous, so it’s quite helpful to have a good book to distract me once the flight attendants have finished sharing the safety information they must discuss at the beginning of every flight.

I’ve actually been known to buy e-books that really catch my eye and then not read them until months later when I’m flying somewhere. It gives me something positive to look forward to during that time, and that’s always handy.

While Waiting 

I could be waiting for anything:

  • A doctor’s appointment
  • Dental treatments
  • Food at a restaurant
  • The chance to update my driver’s license

Books are a lovely and deeply-appreciated distraction in these moments…especially if the thing I’m waiting for carries the possibility of bad news!

When I Can’t Sleep

Occasionally, my brain decides to wake me up in the middle of the night for no reason. I’m simply wide awake at a time when I should be fast asleep on those nights.

It’s been my experience that the quickest way to get back to sleep is to read for a little while. Preferably, it should be something soothing, not exciting.

What are your favourite places to read? Did anyone else struggle with the original prompt for this week?


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  1. Great list!
    I struggled with this weeks prompt too but pushed myself to do it because I hate feeling like I failed.

  2. Yes! Great places. I love the pic you posted for the trees. I think one could only read fantasy there though – specifically fairies. It looks like a fairy tree. Lol!

  3. I always take a book if I think I’ll end up waiting for an appointment etc! It’s a great opportunity to catch up on reading time.

  4. I love picking out new books for a trip when it involves flying! The flights seem to go by very quickly (sometimes too quickly if it’s a really good read)!

  5. Underneath trees is an awesome place. It also reminds me of a Gilmore Girls episode where Rory pays someone to give her her tree/reading spot back. It’s amazing the reading time you can cram in while waiting for things isn’t it?

  6. Yesterday I took my grandson to a children’s museum which is comprised of lots of activities for kids to do and play at. One father was “watching” his son by standing next to whatever his son was playing at and reading a book. I think he was missing the point…to engage with his son. But I get it, reading is a joy anywhere.

    • Yeah, I have the same problem in cars. Knock on wood that it won’t start happening on planes, too.

      Audio books are a good idea, though.

  7. Oh, I like this topic! Very timely, since it’s spring and I feel like going outside again … sometimes. Under a tree is one of my most favorite spots (until all the creepy, crawly, buzzy creatures come for me). I definitely read while I’m waiting just about everywhere, too. I always keep my Kindle on me in case I have a few minutes to pick something up. 🙂 It’s my secret tip for when people ask how I read so much. Fit it in where you can!

  8. These are all excellent places to read. I, too, grew up in a forest, and my dad built me a wonderful treehouse when I was young. I loved to take a stack of books out there and read.

    I also read when I can’t sleep. I turn on my audio (softly, so as not to disturb others) and drift off.

    • Thank you. Yes, the seats have been getting more cramped together over the years. What do you do to amuse yourself when you’re flying?

  9. I love this prompt! And I love your list. Waiting isn’t a favorite place to read, but reading is my favorite thing to do while waiting. Reading in nature is THE BEST!

  10. Yes! I take a book with me every time I go to the dentist, doctor, DMV, lab, etc. I’ve been known to get a little upset if my appointment comes up too fast and I DON’T get that uninterrupted time to read. LOL.

    Happy TTT!

  11. Great list! Growing up near a forest sounds like heaven. I grew up in the countryside, too, but I never had a forest on my doorstep. I had plenty of open fields – I was usually too busy running around in them to read in them, though! I like to read on planes and when I’m waiting around, too, and I used to read SO MUCH before I bought my car and I had to get the bus or the train to work.

  12. Great post! This would have been tough for me because I really only like to read at home. At the most, perhaps the library if I’m there as a patron. I get very absorbed when reading and am wary about being so disconnected while in public.

  13. OOh nice new prompt! This one is kind of hard for me! I guess I can pretty much read anywhere really. Though I hate reading at the doctor because it never fails that they finally show up when I am mid chapter/paragraph or right at the good part! Lol.

    Thanks for visiting my TTT post!

  14. Lovely list! I love getting into airplanes, especially if the flight is long because I can read non-stop and nobody can judge me. Reading outside if the weather is beautiful is one of the greatest pleasures ever. I also take a book everywhere I go because there are so many small moments people take for granted but are great to keep up on your reading.

  15. Great list! I also struggled with this week’s prompt but I kinda blagged my way through haha 😂 I never used to be a big fan of reading on planes because my eyes would dry out so much but lately I’ve been reading loads when I travel for work. My favorite place is definitely in bed, under my doona, all snuggled up nice and cozy 😊

  16. I was stumped by this week’s topic too but love what you’ve done here. I don’t specifically read under trees but I do love reading outdoors. It really is so peaceful. Reading in bed is a favorite too, although it usually makes it so I can’t sleep because I want to know what happens next in my book, haha.

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