Top Ten Tuesday: New-to-Me Authors I Discovered in 2023

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Photo of the hands of a white person holding open a book that is, curiously enough, completely blank on the inside! I’m narrowing this list down a little to new-to-me authors I read in 2023 that I have opinions about.

Sometimes I’ll finish a book with a completely neutral opinion about the author and his or her writing style. There’s not much to criticize or compliment them about, at least for my first experience reading them.

It almost feels like looking at a blank page. It’s not a bad thing by any means, just an unfinished one for now in my mind.

In those cases, I think it’s best to say nothing at all until or unless I try them again and have something more substantial to say about their work.

Here are some authors that I did think were worth mentioning this week.

1. Lynn Curlee

What I Read From Them: “The Other Pandemic: An AIDS Memoir

Would I Read Them Again: Probably. This was written for a young adult audience, so I’d be most interested in seeing how the author writes for an adult audience next time.


2. Naira de Gracia 

What I Read From Them: The Last Cold Place: A Field Season Studying Penguins in Antarctica

Would I Read Them Again: Yes. She had a conversational writing style that worked well for readers who are not scientists but who are interested in reading about science. (If any of you are scientists, I’d sure like to hear what you thought of this book).


3. Hannah Wunsch

What I Read From Them: The Autumn Ghost: How the Battle Against a Polio Epidemic Revolutionized Modern Medical Care

Would I Read Them Again: Maybe. She seemed to be very knowledgeable on this topic, but sometimes I felt a little overwhelmed by the sheer amount of detail that was included. (This is something I’d like to revisit someday. I had a cold when I read it so it could have just been a Right Book at the Wrong Time sort of issue).


4. Delilah S. Dawson

What I Read From Them: “Bloom

Would I Read Them Again: No. It’s a me problem, though! This was a good example of what the gory side of horror can have to say about the world, but I’m simply too easily scared these days to enjoy such things anymore. If you love this sort of horror, please don’t let my squeamishness keep you from reading this. The writing itself was gorgeous.


5. Susan Albers

What I Read From Them: 50 Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food

Would I Read Them Again: Maybe. Self-help is honestly not a genre I visit very often, but this book did have a lot of thoughtful suggestions for self-soothing techniques that don’t involve food.


6. Daniel Black

What I Read From Them: “Don’t Cry for Me

Would I Read Them Again: Yes. I need a sequel to this book written from the estranged son’s perspective immediately! Mr. Black, please make your fans ridiculously happy and show us what happens next in this family. (Hehe).


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78 Responses to Top Ten Tuesday: New-to-Me Authors I Discovered in 2023

  1. An interesting looking list.

    I like how you have set this post out.

    Have a great week!

  2. I think these are all new to me names!

  3. I haven’t heard of any of these but Don’t Cry for Me sounds so good! Adding that one to my TBR 🙂 I hope you discover some great new authors in 2024, Lydia!

  4. I keep meaning to read Delilah Dawson! I think she has some non-horror out as well if you liked her writing!

  5. I don’t know these books, but some look very interesting.
    I like how you handle today’s theme

  6. Oh! I’ll have to look for that book on the penguins. Always trying to find interesting science reads. My list focused on authors whom I’m likely to read again.

  7. I’m much the same, sometimes an author or book just doesn’t make much of an impression on the first title!
    Here’s my post for this week!

  8. The Last Cold Place sounds interesting, they are not so much about scientific topics but I do like them about nature

  9. I haven’t read any of these yet, but the penguins in Antarctica one interested me enough when you first posted about it that it’s on my TBR. I haven’t been able to find it at my library yet, so I think that’s one I’m going to buy so that I can read it. It sounds really good.

    Happy reading! Here’s my TTT post this week.

  10. I’ve never heard of these authors.

  11. I haven’t read these authors, but I’m glad you found them and fell in love with their writing. I hope 2024 brings you some great new authors.

  12. I can’t read horror either. I would have nightmares for days! ~Carol @ ReadingLadies

  13. I love how you said why you would or wouldn’t read from them again. I stuck with the ones that I would read from again. Have a great week and thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!

  14. I love the wide variety of books you read. Great list.

  15. So true that we don’t always have a strong opinion about a new-to-us author. Hope you’ll discover more great new authors in 2024!

  16. All are new to me, too! Good work. I did not post this week.

  17. I haven’t read any of these authors yet but I hope to get to some of them in the future.

  18. I like your approach here.

    I have a book (unread) about penguins… My Penguin Year: Life among the Emperors. I hope it is as good at the one you read.

  19. Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

    I’m always open to trying new authors. Sometimes, like you said, they don’t make much of an impression, but sometimes it’s wonderful to find a new favorite!

  20. What a great list! These are all authors I haven’t heard of yet, but I’m curious after reading a few of your opinions. I always like how you explain things, and that even if you don’t enjoy a book, you offer suggestions for who might enjoy it. Happy Tuesday!

    Here’s my post:

  21. I like how you explain your reasons for wanting to read the author again or not!

    Pam @ Read! Bake! Create!

  22. Oh god, I feel like 50 Ways to Soothe Without Food is such a callout! I’m sorry but I enjoy comfort food! Especially when I’m in need of comforting! I need to read this book!

  23. The Antarctica book I imagine is super interesting

  24. Okay, you got me really intrigued by Bloom now, but it’s completely understandable why you would avoid more gory books. I don’t mind them, but I do have to be in a the right mood otherwise it can be off-putting. Interesting list!

  25. Ooh, sounds like Delilah S. Dawson’s work would definitely be interesting to my wife… but heck no for me. I’m a wuss, haha.

  26. I loved your explanation for each author! I definitely want to check out Bloom by Delilah S. Dawson.

  27. I haven’t read any of these, but Don’t Cry for Me sounds fantastic, thanks for the recommendation!

  28. I should read the self-help one, 50 ways to soothe… I don’t always eat when I’m upset (sometimes) but I bet the advice has applications to other problems.

  29. Okay, so I don’t know why my love of HORROR has been growing, but it has. I want to read Bloom by Delilah S. Dawson.

    Love this list

  30. I haven’t read any of these. I like your approach of narrowing your list down to authors who made an impression on you.

  31. Oo I haven’t read any of these (only heard of one of the authors – Delilah S. Dawson as I have one of her SW on my shelf. Hopefully not being a horror book means I don’t run into the same issues!)

  32. Wow!! I have never read any of these authors Lydia, but I’m off to Goodreads to check them out!📚💜

  33. I will have to share The Last Cold Place with my friend who just returned from a trip to Antarctica.

  34. Meezan

    Great insights! I haven’t heard of any of these authors. They’re books sound interesting! 🙂

  35. I haven’t read any of these authors yet, so it seems like there’s plenty of great things here for me to discover. 😀

  36. These are all unfamiliar author names and book titles to me, but I’m glad among them you discovered some worth reading again. And I like that you share whether or not you’d read the author again, too. That’s a fun addition. 🙂 Thanks so much Lydia for visiting my website on Tuesday, too! I appreciate this.

  37. RS

    Not surprisingly, since the scope of my nonfiction reading is rather narrower than yours, I don’t recognize anyone or their books — but I really enjoyed reading your reasoning. The Other Pandemic sounds really interesting, not least because it seems to me like HIV/AIDS gets MUCH less attention now than it did 20-25 years ago, and its history even less. It sounds like a great book for teens to have access to.

  38. Oooh, I think all of these are new to me. Antarctica is such a fascinating place!

  39. vidya

    all of these authors are new to me.. and of these, Naira Gracia and Daniel Black’s books intrigue me the most so will look for those for sure

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