Tumble CoverI have an exciting announcement to make today.

Do you remember all of those science fiction stories I’ve mentioned working on in previous posts? The first one, “Tumble,” will be published on April 28.

I’ll be giving it away for free to say thank you to all of my amazing readers. On Monday I’ll tell you where to get it and share a few other pertinent details.

In the meantime, check out the blurb:

Between growing up in the middle of nowhere and being homeschooled by her reclusive father, Elle has lead an incredibly sheltered life.

Little has changed in her life now that she’s officially an adult. The mystery of what, exactly, her dad does for a living has never been solved, and neither has his strong preference to keep both of them in almost total isolation.

Her life changes when she discovers something peculiar in the dirt while working in their garden, yet her father’s disinterested reaction to it is as puzzling as his insistence that she forget she ever found it.

The truth is out there. Can Elle find it?




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