Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: A Few of My Favourite Things

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What a fun topic! Here are a few of my favourite things:

a sliced chocolate cake on a white plate Dairy-Free Treats. Toronto has a decent population of people who don’t eat dairy products for any number of reasons, so there are lots of options for dairy-free chocolate, candy, cakes, and other sweets at most big grocery stores. The health food stores often have the fanciest stuff.

Minecraft. I love planting crops and building homes the most in this game.

Massages. They don’t happen during pandemics, of course, but they’re a rare treat in ordinary times.

Nature Walks. I’m easily amused by the simple things in life, especially if they involve walking around in parks or forests.

Swimming. This is one of my favourite forms of exercise. There’s nothing like paddling through deliciously cool water on a warm day.

Gentle Rollercoasters. Modern rollercoasters are a little too fast and jerky for me. I prefer older ones that had more gentle hills and valleys.

Petting Other People’s Dogs. Will it trigger my allergies? Yes, but if the owners say it’s okay I occasionally do it anyway and then wash my hands immediately afterwards. Dogs are such friendly creatures. It’s hard to never give in to the urge to pet them and tell them they’re good dogs.


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  1. kri

    Between the dairy free-options and Minecraft I was sold – For my daughters slow breaking of her dairy allergy (yay!) and my love of everything Minecraft. It makes real-life farming a joke – besides I do so in the appropriate months!- but in Minecraft it just makes it easier. I love trying to farm underground! Difficult sometimes but so worth it.

    Nature walks is something I surely miss – Around where we moved to its mostly a large city. So finding a nature walking area is also threaten by gators or swamps/marsh. I havent gone cause seems like everyday there are 40 unmasked runners/walkers but maybe once I get my vaccine! Which I’m due to get soon. 🙂 Yay work.

    Loved your list! 🙂 Made me wish I added food and nature walks to mine.

    • Yay! I’m glad to hear your daughter’s milk allergy is slowly becoming less serious. That’s awesome.

      I’ve never tried farming underground in Minecraft. Sounds tricky but fun.

      Good luck with getting your Covid-19 vaccine. I’m happy for you. May there be plenty of nature walks in your future.

  2. I never learned to swim, but then I tried to drown myself when I was three (long story), so there’s that. I used to love roller coasters, but after having kids, my motion sickness got out of control and I can’t handle them. I do love petting other people’s dogs (and mine *g*). Very cool!

  3. I miss massages. They were such a treat, not to mention a real stress-reducer. I wonder when we will ever get back to them.

  4. You can come visit and pet my dogs any time you’d like 🙂

    Re: the motion sickness getting worse with age — YES. I used to LOVE roller coasters and other rides, but now I can’t do any of them. ::: sad :::

  5. I miss massages…love them! And, for some reason I thought minecraft was some fighting game (you can tell I’ve never played). Maybe I should check it out. And, I cannot wait until it’s warm enough to swim again!! That’s my go-to exercise late spring – early fall!

    • You can play Minecraft as a fighting game, but you don’t have to! If you set it to Peaceful mode, you’ll never have to fight at all. Just explore, build stuff, grow crops, etc. It’s super relaxing.

      It’s cool you like swimming, too.

  6. I must be the only person a little creeped out by the idea of getting a massage. Not sure what it is about them because I know plenty of people who love them but… Ah well, to each his own, right? Dairy free desserts sound wonderful and petting dogs is always a win, especially when you’re out walking in the park. 🙂

  7. I have missed water aerobics, which is why I joined the gym as it’s expensive, but not while Covids a problem. I like petting friendly dogs too. It drives mine crazy when I get home.

    • Do your dogs smell other dogs on you?

      I hope this pandemic ends soon so you can go back to your water aerobics. I’ve heard that’s a great form of exercise.

  8. I have one kid who’s mostly vegan and another who is lactose intolerant, so we eat a lot of non-dairy items in our house. And let me just say, oatmilk is a godsend.

    Aw, I hate that you’re allergic, but I know that if I was, it wouldn’t stop me from petting every animal I came across either. LOL

    My post

    • Yeah, oat milk is awesome! It’s cool that you get to try all of the new non-dairy items. I’ve been allergic to milk since I was a kid. There are so many more options these days!

      And LOL. I’m glad you get my urge to pet animals I shouldn’t.

  9. I miss massages also. I didn’t get them often, but they were a treat indeed.

  10. Wow, great list. That cake picture had me drooling. LOL Dogs are great cratures. Thanks for sharing. Here’s mine.

  11. I love massages and nature walks too. Petting other people’s dogs is so therapeutic too! This is an awesome list 🙂

  12. Tammy Schoch

    Other than Minecraft, we like many of the same things. I traveled 1000s of miles to see you over the years, and eating good desserts is one of my best memories from it. 😄

  13. I love this list. Someday you’ll have to meet Crotchstomper McSnuggles, who would absolutely consent to having you pet him, as he’s a good dog yes he is and deserves all the scritches yes he does.

    Though I have to say that I have deliberately avoided playing Minecraft for absolutely years now because I’m fairly sure I’d fall into it and not emerge for months.

    My list is here.

    • Thank you, Michael. I’d love to meet your dog (and you and your family, too!) someday.

      And, yes, Minecraft can be quite addictive. I think you’d love it.

  14. Echo Ishii

    I love nature walks!
    I tried Minecraft and couldn’t get the hang of it. My daughter’s good at it though.

  15. My daughter is allergic to cats but she just can’t resist petting them when she has a chance! Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  16. Sydney Winward

    Nature walks are great. Especially if it’s a cloudy day. My three-year-old is like that. He’ll just sit outside on the grass and ponder the meaning of life lol 🙂

  17. I have vouchers for Lush spa treatments ready to go as soon as lockdown is over. I really miss massages.

  18. I love nature walks, too, and dairy-free desserts!

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