Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: An Average Day in My Life

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My answer to this prompt certainly isn’t what I was expecting it to be when I first saw it about eleven months ago, but I’m sure you all can say the same thing.

Most of my time is spent at home or outdoors.

I’m lucky to live in a walkable, safe neighbourhood. Practically all of errands I need to run can be accomplished without using public transit, a cab, or a private vehicle. My biggest hurdle there is only buying what I can comfortably carry.

I add things to my shopping list before they run out, and I consolidate trips as much as possible. If paper towels are on sale and I know I’ll need them next week, I’ll pick up a package of them during a normal grocery store run. For heavy items, I buy what I can and try to remember I’m not superwoman.

This has been a good way to develop my muscles! My arms do a lot of lugging stuff around for my household, and I’m grateful for my ability to act like a human pack mule when necessary.

Much of my time at home is spent typing up blog posts and stories. The gentle clicks of a keyboard is one of the most common sounds you’ll hear here. it’s so common that sometimes I dream about it.

woman doing yoga. stretching head down into lap.

Someday I’ll be this flexible!

Home workouts are another way I pass the time. Lately, I’ve been doing lots of yoga while a knee injury heals and trying not laugh too much when my spouse tries to distract me during  the most pretzel-like moves. He likes to poke gentle fun at the instructor.

This is the beginning of the coldest months in Ontario. When the weather allows for it, I love going for long walks at the park and seeing the first signs of winter and the last signs of autumn in the land.

On freezing days, I stay home and watch television instead. I enjoy sitcoms like Kim’s Convenience, science fiction like Star Trek: Discovery, and nonfiction science/history shows like Cosmos.


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16 Responses to Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: An Average Day in My Life

  1. Lydia,

    What would your answer have been a year ago? What do you hope your answer will be next year?


    • Last year it would have involved dance classes! I’d just signed up for them when this pandemic began, and hope to actually jump into them once its safe to do so.

      Thanks for asking.

  2. It’s nice you can get most of your shopping done on foot. I do Wii for exercise now the gym is closed.

  3. That sounds lovely, even with loss of the dance classes. I’m down in Texas, so we’re doing our best to be super-cautious… but holy cow, people around here just are *not* good at social distancing.

    My answer is here.

    • Sorry to hear you’re having so many troubles with people breaking social distancing. Honestly, it happens here, too. I’m doing everything I can to avoid those folks.

  4. Yes, this year as been interesting, scary, and slow but yet I shake my head at the fact it’s almost over. What will next year bring? I’m afraid more of the same at least for the first six months. Thanks for sharing, it’s nice to know what others are doing in this mess. Here’s mine.

  5. I start a lot of these with “This isn’t what I expected to write this year…” But nothing is normal right now.

    Here’s hoping next year will be stellar!

  6. You’re busy, but smart. We have to consolidate trips here, too. Stay warm!

  7. Of course, for a lot us, an average day includes “Reading Lydia’s latest blog post.” : )


  8. I also enjoy yoga, although I’m nowhere near bendy enough for some of the poses.

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